Chinese Ghost Cities

The Chinese are busy building new cities as their real estate market explodes.  There is just one problem.  Not only does no one live in these cities but no one was ever intended to.  The cities are built in the desert and consist of sky scrapers, apartment buildings, and metro domes.  The cities are being built to create an exploding housing market, wherein investors and developers are making bank in creating an illusion. 

Imagine brand new cities that no one lives in.  And we actually have people coming to this site expounding as how the Chinese government industry and people are so superior to us here in the United States.  It is true we allow our government to get away with a lot, but building whole cities for no other purpose than going through the act, well I don’t think that even the most stupid of Americans would fall for this.

Don’t you suppose there has to be a Chinese family living in a hut that would like to live in one of those brand new high rise apartments?  And what is the end plan?  Do they just let the cities sit for twenty years and then create a new industry in tearing them down? 

Think about it.  Our representative government has given so much wealth to China that they can actually afford to build whole cities in the middle of the desert for no other purpose than laundering the money our politicians have stolen from us to give to them.

God please deliver us from this insanity.

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  1. 30 years ago I lived in CA and it was amazing. Cranes everywhere buildings going up all over. A feeling of prosperity and opportunity. Business’s opening up in garages, it was a thing to behold. America today, boarded up buildings, homes foreclosed everywhere, decay and despair. America is pathetic. I marvel at what the chinese and the people in dubi are doing. They are alive with excitment and the wonder of what man can achieve. Unfortunately, I have to spend my late years here watching us go down the drain.

    1. I think its more amazing that you think this has anything to do with the boom in California?

      This has nothing to do with anything close that California experienced.

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