99ers – HR 6556 Not by Compromise but by Right

Well it has been two days since the press release to reintroduce HR 6556 and as of the writing of this article I haven’t heard the word 99er mentioned once in the mainstream propaganda.  Congresswoman Lee said there would be a lot of hard work ahead which leads me to wonder what the hard work involves.  If she would tell us maybe we could help.  The fact is I have seen Harry Reid introduce and have a bill voted on within a matter of days.  And if this House Resolution is going to be introduced as an emergency measure, one would think that the very word emergency would indicate the need for a speedy process.

I understand that support for the bill will probably be its single greatest obstacle as most of the politicians are already bought and serve only those special interests that paid for them.  In observing the political maneuvering in Washington DC, I am beginning to wonder if HR 6556 is being put in place as a measure of compromise.  We all remember that as a condition of getting the last unemployment extension passed, the great compromiser Barry Soetoro gave billions of dollars of tax breaks to the top 2%. 

It is apparent that the filthy rich are far from satisfied with the record profits they made last year, and indeed want a lot more.  When are we going to reach the point that we just say no to those who insist that if you give a poor man one dollar, you automatically have to give a rich man one million?  Under such a system it is mathematically impossible for the 99ers to regain their place in society, as every time the rich take more as a compromise for giving us a little, more jobs are lost.  I have said it before.  It is at present a frenzy among the rich to see who can steal the most of the last we have left. 

Apparently the Germans are going to buy the American Stock Market.  Like the Federal Reserve, the New York Stock Exchange is another private business that has been fraudulently portrayed as a government institution.  Remember when the privately owned stock market went down, we, the general public, were required to suffer not only in order to see it stabilize but to prosper.  I believe this private business is being sold because it contains a large portion of the $22 trillion stolen from us and they know we are going to come after it.

Germany has always been a sleeper.  Everyone remembers the hoorah when the Berlin Wall came down and what a great thing it was portrayed to be.  I say when Mr. Gorbachev tore that wall down, freedom did not get in but rather communism got out, which is probably going to leave us with a scenario wherein to get back our stolen wealth we are going to have to take it from communist Germany, Russia, and China.  No matter what the cost in this world today if you let anyone take anything from you, you are finished.

I think that the majority of the people in the United States know exactly what is going on and are stealing themselves to the reality that they are going to have to correct the situation.  The militias at present are predicting another false flag event for this spring.  One of the reasons for this is the Patriot Act recently failed to get a simple majority passage in the Congress.  There are politicians in Washington who have come to the realization that we the people are not going to accept socialism and riot for them, thus allowing the military to take over and remove our Constitution as is happening in Egypt. 

This was also the basic procedure used by the National Socialists in Nazi Germany to remove the German constitution and elevate Adolf Hitler to dictator.  So we may very well see an Oklahoma City style false flag event followed by a German Weimar Republic type financial collapse leading to famine in the next year.

The point is this whole thing is so much larger than just we 99ers in that the powers seeking to conquer us have overextended their reach.  These people are psychopaths and when cornered they will come at us with the most irrational and destructive acts imaginable.  We must not only unite as 99ers but as a single people, the American people.  We can no longer be divided as we must be united to save one another.

So I say to all of you out there swallowing the social communistic poison, stop.  Take one single day out of your life, sit down with a dictionary and a copy of our Constitution, read it, understand it, and see how good our lives can be again if we only enforce the law imbedded within.  We as individuals are so powerful and so few of us know it. 

Our founding fathers foresaw the troubles we are presently experiencing and they left us remedies.  In short, all we really have to do is exercise our right to be free and enforce the clauses in our Constitution that give us control over the government that wants to control us.  And truly our enemy’s greatest fear is that we as a people will realize before it is too late exactly who and how powerful we are.  A right unexercised is a right surrendered.





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  1. http://www.house.gov/ Please email your representatives in the House to ask them to support this legislation. The more of us they hear from, the more seriously they will take this matter. ALSO, email John Boehner (http://www.speaker.gov/Contact/ Phone: (202) 225-0600 Fax: (202) 225-5117) and Eric Cantor. Thanks! http://www.house.gov/

    H.R.589 Latest Title: To amend title IV of the Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2008 to provide for additional weeks of first-tier emergency unemployment compensation, and for other purposes. 2/9/2011: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

    Committee on Ways and Means
    Dave Camp, MI, Chairman

  2. Wow, thank you Mr. Camp – I just got done saying the same thing (just a couple lines, not even close to your eloquently written information). Our government leaders have their heads in concrete if they haven’t thought about the fact that our people can protest and demand our rights as well. I think they know that as 99ers, we don’t have the money to travel and believe they are safe. But we don’t have to travel too far to protest in every county of the U.S.! I have written my representives and they answer with vague “we are going to develop new jobs”. Do they think we are stupid? I have called Obama’s office and the “person” on the other end was very empathetic – maybe she truly is, but I don’t just want to be heard, that thinking is absurd, I want action – put their money where the mouths are!!

  3. Speaking of false flag events, Henry, whats your opinion about 9/11 being an inside job ( Alex Jones videos, Loose Change, etc. ) as a vehicle to pass the Patriot Act, that has stripped away most of our Constitutional rights ?

    1. Sam, I think at this point in the ball game the person who does not think that 9/11 was an inside job is the odd man out.
      I watched those building fall the morning of Sept. 11. When the buildings came down, I told my wife that they had been imploded using demolitions. It is beyond fantastic to believe that the twin towers came down as a result of the planes.
      Maybe one day soon the undeniable truth will come out.
      9/11 was designed to accommodate not only the Patriot Act but the pipeline in Afghanistan and the unwarranted invasion of Iraq. Have you read the PNAC Documents? (Project for a New American Century) If not you might want to check them out.

  4. What’s America Made Of?
    Were you to pose the question, of what’s America made?
    I’d say that we the people, stand together, strong, but frayed.
    We’ve fought for those unable, not to conquer or control.
    Not impose on them, our ways, but give back, what others stole.
    Our freedom, bought by others, payed for, with so many tears.
    For their honor, struggle we, since four score and seven years.
    Not so much, from whence we came, immigrants all, we once were.
    Rather should we question, why? All ill wishers, to deter.
    For our kindness and our laws, what we love may come undone.
    Should we fail to remember, September 2001.
    For those who’d come for better, will there always, be a place.
    Beware, any saboteur, will reveal a diff’rent face.
    Things we often have to do, may unjust, at first appear.
    Thankful for the USA, but for they, we now are here.
    We’ve no imposed religion, happyness may you pursue.
    But should our ways contradict, then your country waits for you.
    Fifty great states united, under one flag, flying high.
    Our constitution written, for the people, of and by.
    The symbols of our nation, stand for all that’s fair and just.
    Our flag, red white and blue and the words “In God We Trust”.
    Eleven score,fourteen years, since our fathers did decree.
    That we equal, are all men, we the people, still are free.
    Ask not, of America, but instead, what can I do?
    To ensure none died in vain, for the freedom given you.
    So long as we draw breath, we won’t ever go away.
    To protect and persevere, please, God bless the USA!!
    Let freedom ring, no harm come, this great nation we so love.
    Abundance, pride, our hope and faith, is what America’s made of.
    William “Greg”ory Tice

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