Christian Zionism = Jew-Lite

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There are approximately 50,000,000 so-called Christian Zionists in America, which are the bane of the country (and the world). Sure, the Jews are murderous, thieving, liars and manipulators extreme. But they would have zero power if it weren’t for the misguided and erroneous support of the Jew-Lite (Christian Zionists).

The following documentary shows why Jew-Lites believe what they believe: how they were manipulated by the tainted Scofield bible. It is quite telling that the few verses used to force these gullible murder mongers (for that is what the Jew-Lite is) needs 2/3 a page of footnotes to “explain” how Christians are supposed to support evil incarnate.  


As Mr Carlson explains (and I have asked many Jew-Lites over the past 12 or so years that I figured this out), where, in the New Testament, is there any sort of dictate, especially from Jesus, to murder.

If there is a tainted, 2/3′s a page of nonsensical footnotes required as their backing for murder, calling for “nations to be blessed” IF they support the Jew (even though, at the time in Old Testament, there was no “Jew”), why would Jesus say, “Blessed be the Peacemakers”?

We’re talking about a 4 word sentence that totally nullifies the lie that the Oxford Press and Scofield lays out to brainwash a nation of believers. How many footnotes do you need to understand this plain and simple fact?

I have told this story here before somewhere, but…

A week or so after 911, the small town I lived in Mississippi coordinated a mass prayer vigil in the city park. It was one of the largest gatherings I had ever seen there (and I had lived in that house across the street from the park for most of my life). Every church attended in mass. And every preening peacock preacher took his turn to pray.


I listened to what was probably 20 prayers of vengeance… of retribution against Muslims… of demands to bomb these savages into smithereens.

I normally would not get up in front of such a crowd to pray, but I felt this incredible urge to speak to God in a way I understood Jesus might have.

hagee-christian-zionist-war-for-israel11I prayed FOR my enemies (not a single high falutin’ preacher man did this). But even then, I didn’t think of Arabs or Muslims as my enemy. Maybe subconsciously I knew that it was the Talmud thumpers that needed the prayer.

When I stepped down from the platform, I felt the eyes of hundreds stabbing me. I saw no nods of agreement, except from the preacher of our church (he and I had already understood certain things that no others would dare speak of in public). It was a very lonely moment for me and I could sense evil all around.

Jews suck. But Christian Zionists suck even more. Without your wrong-headed backing, we would be able to stop this evil in its tracks.


10 thoughts on “Christian Zionism = Jew-Lite

  1. Christian Zionists=Jew Lite. That’s an interesting analysis on them. Spot on, too. Israeli Firsters at the grassroots level sold us out to Israel, long ago, and continue to do it, still to this day.

  2. Saying Judeo-Christian or Christian Zionist is like saying Virgin whore.
    I pity them but at the same time they simply don’t want to hear it and
    if not for them we wouldn’t be in this mess.

  3. “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”
    Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

  4. Ok, Get one thing straight you sottish people…the words “Christian” and “Zionists” do not together. You people need to wake up.
    Two words that DO go together are Satanic Zionists.
    Get a clue !!! Pull your head out.

  5. Michael above is correct: “Christian” and “Zionist” are oxymorons, mutually exclusive. You cannot be a Christian and be a Zionist (except maybe if you are a Messianic Jew, but even then these folks MUST put Christ before Israel, and the ones I know do). However, if you say “Christian” Zionist (quotes around the word Christian, implying they are Zionists who claim they are also believers in Christ, which again is an oxymoron), that is more accurate. Besides which, Christian Zionist is a label, nothing more and nothing less.

    Thing is NOTHING will convince these folks they are under strong delusion (II Thess. 2:8-11) until either Christ returns or they are suddenly hit in the head with the FACT that most “Jews” are in fact not only NOT of Shem, but are of Japtheth (Ashkenaz was a son of Gomer, son of Japheth…Ashkenaz, according to Arthur Keostler among others, was the father of a Turkic people among whom are the Khazars…and BTW, wanna know who Askenaz’s brother is? Magog…you know, Gog and Magog?). But they’ll figuaratively need to be hit in the head with this fact, which’ll be hard to do since most CZs watch those paragons of false doctrine known as “Christian” TV (and Hagee of course is the worst).

    Believe it or not I used to be a Christian Zionist until 2006 during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon to steal the Litani River, and they lost to Hezbolla. When that happened I realized they are NOT God’s chosen, and after further research, and the knowledge they were genociding the Palestinians (Christians included), I got “hit in the head” so to speak with truth. So, it’s not an impossible task.

  6. Three must read:

    “The Hidden Tyranny – Part 1” – a 1976 interview with Mr. Harold Rosenthal, then assistant to Senator Jacob K. Javits. Mr. Rosenthal was ultimately killed for giving this interview.

    The Jewish Question in Europe, La Civila Cattolica, 1890, (Oct, Nov, Dec) – Wow, talk about a detailed warning.

    The Plot Against the Church – by Maurice Pinay: Published by 12 Vatican Theologian/HIstorians who while studying the Vatican Archives in the original languages, discovered the biggest world wide conspiracy in history, explains all whats happening today – how the Jews infiltrated the government and all religions, becoming Catholic Cardinals, Bishops and maybe even Popes, Pagan Priests, Muslim Clerics, and Protestant Ministers, all the while undermining governments, religions, education, social institutions, etc. Must read.

    All the above online.

  7. TO ALL
    I HAVE MY FAMILIES BIBLE FROM 1861 if any need clarification or exact words from way back when,I will be glad to supply any info I can,It seems most replying understand the hoax the scam the outrageous LIES that the shoafield(scofield) book of false information is.There is no such thing as a “good j-w” THEY BRAG ABOUT MURDERING CHRIST and are like CHRIST said “of their father” they only have lies and deceit to peddle nothing more.

  8. Scofield was indeed a Jesuit plant; he is largely responsible for making Protestant America into one of the “harlots” of “the Mother” (Rome), for indeed the US is a “false prophet” going forward with rapid strides to do the Papal will of subjugating the entire world to her every dictate (as Rev. 13 specifically shows she would: “and all the world wondered after the beast.”)

    “Almost” a good and perfect article until the end.

    But, somehow saying Jews and Christian Zionists “suck” does not evidence the same love in praying for “the enemy” (as the writer did for the ”Muslims.”) That is not the gospel either.

    Jesus was a Jew, HE said, “Lovest thou me?”
    “Lord, who is my neighbor?”
    GOD IS NO RESPECTER OF PERSONS, AND “NEITHER IS THERE any difference,” saith the Lord.

    ((Please, I am not condoning murder or violence of any sort!))

    The WAY IS NARROW, but NOT bigoted nor exclusive, and neither are any of his followers, ever, though the word of God, his ten commandments “law” is immutable!

    JAHSHUA said, “If you love me for dying for your sins, your transgressions of the law, KEEP my commandments, for they are my Father’s, and YOUR Father’s commandments, and they are NOT grievous, but a delight to keep.” (See Rev. 14:12; 22:14)

    Read the very carefully Romans 9 through 11 keeping in front of you the statements of the apostle Paul in chapter 10:11-13, Acts 15:7-11; and Romans 2:9-11.

    And here’s a good link to clearly cipher out the LABELS, for this writer (above) does indeed present some truths worthy of knowing the origins thereof.

    1. The author is correct. Without the backing of the so-called Christians, the Satanic agenda of the so-called ‘jews’ (Rev. 2:9 & 3:9) would be dead in the water.

      Those behind this claiming to be Christians, have no true understanding of Scripture.

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