Cops Burn Down Another House During Standoff

Hoquiam standoffInformation Liberation – by Chris

Burning people’s homes down has apparently become the new standard operating procedure for ending standoffs.

Of course, just like with Dorner the police won’t admit they burned it down, they just threw a multitude of flammables into the house, then in an unrelated incident it happened to catch fire.   

Via the Associated Press:

HOQUIAM, Wash. — A 20-hour standoff between police in a Washington coastal town and a man who wounded an officer trying to arrest him on a warrant ended Thursday when the suspect died in a gunbattle with a SWAT team as his house went up in flames.

[…]Throughout the night, police fired tear gas into the house and used some loud distraction devices.

Around 6 a.m., flames were reported at the back of the house and the man came out the front.

2 thoughts on “Cops Burn Down Another House During Standoff

  1. Just think, by burning somebodies house down they got free training for the fire dept.s and these cops got free conditioning training for when the time comes to start shooting the tax payers.

  2. how is this not murder??? If I throw flammable crap at my neighbor’s house, I am in jail. This is absolutely “unnecessary” force.

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