Corporate Elite Pushing for Force to be Used Against Occupy Protesters

A man was shot and killed Wednesday night near the Occupy Oakland protests.  All accounts indicate that the shooting had nothing to do with the protests and indeed was just one of around a hundred murders that occur in Oakland, California each year.  Now Oakland Mayor, Jean Quan, folding to pressure from the corporate elite, says she now wants the protesters to leave and that the risks the protests represent are just too great.

The talking heads of FOX News jumped right in step in backing Quan’s assertion that the protests must be stopped, citing as one cause a negative effect the protests are having on local businesses.  Tell me this.  How many small businesses have been utterly destroyed as a result of the actions of the corporate elite on Wall Street and indeed in Oakland, California?

Michael Regan, son of Ronald Regan, joined with Charles Payne of FOX Business in trying to put together a petty argument in an effort to suggest that it is time for the police to crack down on the Occupy movement.  These two are supposed to be financial experts, which would indicate they know how to do math…or maybe not.

I’ll tell you what Payne and Regan, maybe you should consider the number of people 99% represents as opposed to the 1% which you are a part of.  How about this?  You say the protesters should be forcibly removed.  I say go for it.  If you think you’ve got what it takes, just do it.

As for the protesters reading this article, occupying the port in Oakland caused an effect.  You disrupted the flow of our natural resources and hence our jobs out of our country.  If the Occupy movement could shut down every port in the US the issue could be forced.  And if it is to be war, we had best get on with it, as the sooner we start, the sooner it will be finished.

All should take note that the corporate elite are backing away from their threats to move their businesses out of the US and the reason for this is simple.  The access to our resources they enjoy, through being based in the US, is what is producing their record profits.  They have stolen $30 trillion from us and continue to steal, hand over fist, day after day.

I actually heard one of these corporate elitists say that businesses are hurting in the US.   Small businesses are hurting in the US because the international corporate elitists’ businesses based in the US are deliberately putting them out of business, gobbling up their resources, and consolidating their power through the consolidation of the wealth.

As mentioned earlier, we can stop these thieves in their tracks.  Shut down every port.  Shut down every port.  Shut down every port.  This is the key.

I was going to cite the amount of raw resources taken out of our country every day.  But of course it came as no surprise when I found these numbers unattainable as they are buried in a hundred layers of statistics calculated through fuzzy math.

This is one number they do not want the 99% to be aware of.  If the people knew the amount of raw resources being shipped out of this country every day and the lost US jobs it represents, every one of the 99% would be participating in shutting down the ports.  I think this is an area we need to emphasize on.  If anyone out there can get a credible number, bring it forth and we will add it to every article pertaining to this issue.

Ron Paul continues to win straw poll after straw poll and the mainstream propagandists continue to deliberately hide this fact.  Of course the ignorant morons who believe the propagandists, are becoming fewer and farther in between every day.  I think Ron Paul has this election sewn up and as the primaries begin, the issue of whether the Electoral College will be used to nullify the vote of the people will be decided.

I think at the first indication that a fraud is going to be attempted, the ports should be occupied.  We must let the elite know that they are not going to put another corporate puppet in our White House.  If they challenge our will we must meet that challenge with whatever force becomes necessary.

The international corporate mafia must be made to realize that their era of fraud and corruption is going to be ended and we the American people of the American race are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution with freedom, liberty, justice, and prosperity for all.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Another great article, Henry ! And I agree, it’s time to fish or cut bait. From the looks of things, there will be a lot of bait cutting.

    1. i saw the news this morning on this it’s hurting the buisnesses there. and just like i said that’s how these scumbag wallstreet mother f–kers work i dont understand why they just dont storm wallstreets doors and shut it down the cops are using force might as well go for the touchdown and spike the ball in there. a little off the subject i thought you guys would like this my dream job at the carwash has turned into a nightmare they took my 12 dollars and hour and are forceing me to take 9 dollars and hour now or im fired this is the bullshit that’s going on have no choice quit or have no money cant even afford an apartment or a room around here greenwich connecticut have some friends that work in a supermarket that just got bought out they have to take a 25% paycut or get terminated and they made so they cant collect unemployment nice ha mean while the rich are getting richer and i honestly believe they are trying to exsterminate us slowly were all doomed

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