Crown Precision Carbon Fiber CP-15: Not Your Grandpa’s AR

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

AR-15s have been around a long time and there is a good chance your grandpa might have owned one, but the Crown Precision carbon fiber CP-15 is an AR experience beyond your grandpa’s wildest dreams.

For starters, the CP-15 weighs less than five pounds when unloaded.

That was not a typo…the rifle weighs less than five pounds when empty.

The reduced weight is largely due to the carbon fiber construction, but credit also goes to the designer who cut out pieces on the receiver that were merely aesthetic to begin with.

For example, the majority of the receiver that forms the front portion of the magazine well was removed, leaving enough to securely guide the magazine into place while taking away unnecessary weight. The pistol grip is also hollow, just a carbon fiber shell, and that also contributes to the reduced weight.

Also, the CP-15 has an incredibly smooth, flat trigger that breaks crisp, and a barrel that delivers next level accuracy.

The rifle is so accurate we shot it off-handed, off-eyed, to see what we could do and we only missed one time. (At roughly 50 yards I shot left-handed, left-eye, although I am right-handed, right-eye dominant. The steel target pinged again and again.)

We put a Sightmark Pinnacle 3-9 x 40 riflescope on top the CP-15 and fed it with an American Tactical 60-round magazine. We consistently found that making steel targets sing at 100 and 200 yards is as easy as pie.

The CP-15 will go out in the field for some hog hunts in coming weeks, but first impressions–made solely on steel targets–are that this rifle is incredible. It is light, accurate, and dependable, shot after shot after shot.

By the way, the CP-15 is made in Texas, USA.

4 thoughts on “Crown Precision Carbon Fiber CP-15: Not Your Grandpa’s AR

  1. Q’n: Will an AR Rifle function without the Buffer Tube? A: NO…That is the weak part…. they are of course very functional and simple…..

    If I have to choose between the AK or the AR, I choose either one I can get…! But of course the AK is Far superior battle rifle..

    No matter, if a high powered Pellet gun can get us the real weapons we need from the dead/wounded enemy, then that; is the superior weapon… 🙂

  2. Weighs less than five pounds. One of mine only.weighs 7.

    Also…. We shot it off hand. As in wrong hand. Lol
    Off hand means you shot it standing with no support. Not wrong hand.
    What a tool.

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