David Barger “Bill in Idaho” Has Passed Away

David M. Barger 2015David Barger of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho passed away this morning.  He was 73.  A devout patriot and Christian, David spoke often with eloquence on many top radio shows across the United States.  Notably, he was on the Bob Tuskin show a few years ago after being released from jail by Coeur d’Alene’s boys in blue.  Additionally, he was able to keep the IRS at bay when it came to his student loans.  

I have included some video links of an interview I did with him regarding The Missouri 15, as well as photos and favorite creative words by David.

We will miss him.

Sean and David Barger 2014


Sean T. Taeschner, M.Ed.

16 thoughts on “David Barger “Bill in Idaho” Has Passed Away

  1. Rest peacefully and bask in freedom, Bill. Thank you for having the courage to try to right the wrongs in this world.

  2. As a Christian, David has known true freedom for many years, but in this day, he is Free at last. See you soon, brother.

  3. Bill had passion and persistence founded in true values. That’s what this country needs more of. RIP David.

  4. A friend and brother in arms that was alway there and is now watching over us and waiting for the next call to battle. Please share these two videos in every way that you can to honor him. Liberty1775

  5. A patriot that called into my show at least 50 times over the years….always with passion and conviction…..he will be missed!
    Michael Herzog
    The American Awakening

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