Day 1 in Trudeau’s Dictatorship

Counter Signal – by Keean Bexte

It’s Day 1 in Trudeau’s basic dictatorship, and banks have already begun freezing millions of dollars from freedom fighters across the nation.

Since invoking the Emergencies Act at 4:30 pm on February 14, multiple banks have been complying with Trudeau’s order to freeze the accounts of Canadians who donated $25 or more to the Freedom Convoy’s fundraising campaigns.

Alternative media (those not receiving money directly from Trudeau’s government) appear to be the first to feel the squeeze. In other words, those up to the task of actually criticizing the regime are the first actively targeted by the regime. Go figure.

Earlier today, Druthers News & Information announced that their account had been frozen, even as their crew remains in Ottawa reporting on the very crisis now affecting them — all for the audacity of supporting those fighting to not live under tyranny.

“Our crew is in Ottawa, and we wish to stay here to bring you live feeds and honest updates. At this point, your support is the only way this can happen,” the outlet wrote in a Facebook post. “Anything you can do is important and very much appreciated.”

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