Democrat And Republican Congress Members Party in Israel As Putin Moves to Take Ukraine

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

As Putin geared up to take Ukraine, Democrat and Republican congress members were busy partying in Israel on an all-expenses-paid AIPAC-affiliated junket to affirm their “unwavering support” for America’s “great ally” — even though Israeli officials have made it abundantly clear they will not be participating in any war over Ukraine, lest it jeopardize Israel’s close relationship with Russia.

Twenty-seven Republicans and 14 Democrats along with many of their spouses and Kevin McCarthy’s mother took part in the junket this week, according to reports from the Times of Israel and Jewish Insider.

Thirteen Democrats (including Adam Schiff) also went to Israel last week on a junket with Nancy Pelosi.

Florida Democratic Rep. Ted Deutch “double-dipped,” attending “Nancy Pelosi’s trip last week and the AIPAC one” this week, Mondoweiss reported.

Naftali Bennett reportedly pressured “our” congress members to get tougher on Iran.

Nancy Pelosi told pro-Israel billionaire and top Democratic donor Haim Saban at the 2018 Israeli American Council National Conference that if America’s “Capitol crumbled to the ground, the one thing that would remain would be our commitment to our aid” to Israel.

In contrast, Israel is refusing to get involved with Ukraine despite pressure from the US to help out (Israel also refused to send a single troop to take part in the US war in Iraq despite Netanyahu lobbying for it before Congress).

Israeli officials had to have their arms twisted into even stating they’d side with the US over Russia in the event of a larger conflict.

As the Middle East Eye reported on Monday:

Knesset foreign affairs and defence committee chairman Ram Ben-Barak told the 103 FM radio station that if the US were to place sanctions on Russia, it would put Israel in a “difficult situation”.

However, ultimately, “if we ever have to choose a side, we will choose the US side”, he added, as quoted by Haaretz.

Israeli Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli also told 103 FM on Monday that “there is no question that the special relationship that Israel has with the United States, that this government is working to rehabilitate and rebuild, is not the same relationship that Israel has with Russia”.

“Our heart is in the direction of the United States,” Diaspora Affairs Minister Nachman Shai told Channel 12, adding that Israel was working hard not to “take a clear public position, with the great hope that this crisis will end without fire, without casualties and without a military confrontation”.

[…] Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid offered a more nuanced response to the tensions surrounding Ukraine, saying that Israel needs to be cautious in its approach.

“Traditionally, of course, we go with the Americans,” Lapid told Israel’s Channel 12 on Sunday, but noted that there are also large Jewish communities in Russia and Ukraine. He added that “our border with Syria is, for all intents and purposes, a border with Russia.”

For over six years, Israel has coordinated its air force activity over Syria with Russia, allowing Israel to target Iranian forces stationed in Syria while Moscow controls the airspace.

In an interview with The Jerusalem Post, Lapid said he has to be “more careful than any other foreign minister in the world”.

“I think there is an understanding of this,” he said. “This is where the special relationship [with the US] comes into play. They understand this because they understand us. We have a mutual vocabulary, a language that we share.”

This is our “greatest ally”?


Information Liberation

8 thoughts on “Democrat And Republican Congress Members Party in Israel As Putin Moves to Take Ukraine

  1. The article paints a false picture of who is or isn’t involved with the Ukraine conflict, since they’re all under the umbrella of Jewish dictates. Yeah, Putin too. Nations playing politics to try to fool the people, but the people are no fools and see the global game of stealing and controlling most everything. How revealing it is that “dems” and “repubs” flew to HEADQUARTERS and partied down with their rulers. And in their White House press briefing today, Pelosi and the gang are artfully sellin’ the bringing of “democracy,” and dutifully demonizing Putin, making him arch-enemy of the day. So don’t forget to hate/detest him. Only time will tell if he’s resisting or not; and will he go the way of Gaddafi and Hussein? As for the head guy of Ukraine:

    “As Russian forces were amassing on Ukraine’s eastern border, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky was busy getting a law passed to outlaw criticism of his own ethnic group.”


    1. Who could know the all of what they’re doing over there. And while they have the eyes of the world focused there, what are they doing elsewhere, and here? Aside from the border invasion, the absurd inflation, the 5G frying, the jab poison, and sick perversion I bet anyone can name a hundred other onslaughts – all reasons to fight harder.

      “Liberty cannot flourish in a country that is permanently on a war footing, or even a near-war footing. Permanent crisis justifies permanent control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government.”
      — Aldous Huxley


    2. Putin will not go the way of Gaddafi or Hussein.
      Russia, like the United States, has a big enough nuclear arsenal to destroy this planet several times over. He is not like Gaddafi or Hussein, a little blind girl on the corner being attacked by a six foot four two hundred fifty pound steroid addict.
      Also while we’ve been giving trillions of our wealth to the industrial war complex to fight these non wars on isms, the Russians have been developing the most advanced navy on the planet, complete with their supersonic missiles to deliver war heads.
      I think Putin and all the rest of these phony sons of bitches are just running another psy-op to divert the people’s attention in reference to the fact that with our numbers we can take the whole cabal out.
      Food for thought.

      1. Thought this was very timely! Just saw this in the last 20 mins typed in a chatroom elsewhere in response to a Putin lover (not my words so again, don’t shoot the messenger!) –

        1. Russia has antisemitism laws
        2. Ya can’t advocate for ethnic Russian nationalism
        3. All the Russian oligarchs are kikes
        4. Berel Lazar is Putin’s rabbi
        5. Russia is in a free trade zone with Israel and Iran
        6. Russian Chabad on tape have bragged they control Russia
        7. Try denying the holohoax in Russia

        Kissinger put him in the pm role, and yes he’s way more based that kikesucker trump, but he does the jews bidding, look at Syria where he never supplied the Syrians with missiles that could bring down the Israeli planes that kept bombing Syria. Also he never helped free the northwest.

        Israel literally steals US secrets and sells them to China and Russia.

        Russia’s propaganda is anti ‘nazi’ and so is Ukraine’s lol , these are all jew narratives, bit like US mainstream news lol oy vey

  2. Israel and Russia have a thing
    Ukraine wants Iron Dome, but Israel blocks because they don’t want trouble with Russia
    In turn Russia doesnt say much about Israel’s goings on in Syria, and Gaza.

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