DEVELOPING: A whistleblower that works for the Whole Foods Market corporation want to inform Americans about a new policy change that allows Whole Foods to add food from the garbage back on the shelves without the customer’s knowledge.

By Dom Lucre

Whole Foods calls this program the ‘Code Green Trash Inspections’ they claim exists to ‘help prevent waste.’

From the Whistleblower: “We have very poor upper management at Whole Foods Market and over the last few years they’ve implemented novel processes and procedures that have caused big increases in the amount of food we spoil.

Recently they instructed us to add an extra day of shelf-life to most of the items we produce in-house as a way of covering up the problem.

This lead to us selling stale and somet imes even moldy food. Now they are instructing us to take food out of the trash and put it in our prepared food items that we sell to customers.

The video below is from our June On Point training that we all have to complete. This video is publicly available online and all team members are required to do this training so I can only assume that management thinks this is appropriate. Posters for these trainings are plastered all over our back of house area.

I have attached a picture of the poster. These training materials are made by On Point but Whole Foods’ central office tells them what to say.”

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