DHS/FEMA have created a national patient tracking system


DHS’s “If You See Something Say Something” program has created a nation of spies!

Don’t try and use anything other than a government approved ID at a hospital or clinic or you’ll be arrested:

Blanca Borrego and her two daughters had been sitting in the waiting room of the Northeast Women’s Healthcare clinic in Atascocita, Texas for nearly two hours.   

When Borrego arrived at the clinic the staff told her they needed to update her file and, after she filled out some paperwork, they asked for an ID.

Borrego, an undocumented immigrant handed the staff a fake driver’s license. The staff contacted the police who were waiting for her in the examination room!

Borrego’s daughter saw Harris County Sheriff’s deputies march her mother out of the clinic and say…

“We’re going to take her downtown, she presented a form of false identification,” Borrego’s daughter recalled the deputy saying. He said their mother’s bond would probably be around $20,000, and added, “She’s going to get deported.”

“They took her into that examination room solely for the purpose of being arrested,”  Attorney Clarissa Guajardo told the Houston Press. “I just have a very hard time with that. I think it’s a violation of HIPAA laws.”

So what does this have to do with me you ask? She had a fake ID and deserved to be arrested.

Hospitals and health care clinics are tracking EVERY patient for Big Brother:

“Patient tracking, oftentimes automated, is used in a variety of healthcare facilities throughout the United States and is a key component to incident response and management.”

Hospitals are putting RFID chips inside name bracelets which allow a hospital to track a patients whereabouts in real-time.

“It’s RTLS, or real time locating system,” said Kelly Worsnick, a registered nurse and Operations Manager of the Emergency Department at G-CMC.  She says since the hospital put in the system last month, she’s already used it many times.  That chip, or badge, is picked up by beacons located throughout the facility.

Companies providing patient tracking devices have close ties to DHS:

Teletracking has a close relationship with DHS, click here, here & here to see a few examples.
Because Versus Tech has a close relationship with Teletracking, GE Healhcare and Cerner Corporation, if you connect the dots, Versus Technology works with DHS indirectly.

Centrak has a close relationship with DHS, click here, to see how they work with the Department of Veterans Affairs government office. Cemtrak, also has a close relationship with the U.S. Army’sAdvanced Chemistry Laboratory.

Stanley Healthcare which is part of (Stanley Security) has a close relationship with DHS, click here,here & here to see a few examples. Click here to read more about Stanley Healthcare’s patient tracking tech.

COMCARE, a national advocacy organization has helped to create a NATIONAL patient tracking system backed by FEMA:

COMCARE has embarked on the development of a national framework for the planning and implementation of Integrated Patient Tracking Systems.

The “Patient Tracking Initiative” which began in 2006 and had three phases…

Phase I: Functional Requirements

– Patient Identification: Data points collected to positively identify an individual.

– Location of Patient Within the System: Identification of an individual’s movement within the system, and the present location of the individual.

– Post Event Analysis and Reporting: Functionality related to producing reports and aggregating data for analysis.

The second phase is the research piece, studying the implementation of patient tracking systems across the country. This information gathering completes the other components of the national patient tracking framework, including the development of a model RFP. Phase II is expected to take six months.

– From the pre-hospital setting through family reunification, successful patient tracking can have a powerful impact on patient care and patient safety. Properly implemented, duplicate data entry and its inherent errors, information loss, emergency room procedure preparation for patient arrival and caregiver communication can all be improved.

The third phase will be a model implementation. It “test drives” the framework with field trials and by following a few communities through their procurement and implementation processes. Phase III is estimated to take a year or more.

“To make an impact, the system has to be used every day,” he said. “Therefore, the system has to be useful every day to all those involved” said Michael Pariser, a project associate at COMCARE.

Of course FEMA, sorry I meant COMCARE wants their surveillance system to be used every day.

In 2009 FEMA/DHS published a “Tracking Of Emergency Patients ” (TEP) report describing their plans for creating a national patient tracking system:

From page 11 of the report: The NASEMSO with many other agencies and organizations recognized the need for standards-based interoperability to realize the potential of the numerous patient tracking systems in existence or planned.”

Excerpt from page 16:

Phase I –Tracking of Emergency Patients
EMS / Patient Centric –EMS Life-Cycle Processes

Phase II –Extend to Track General Population “Victims”
Non-Patient (“Healthy”) Population
Evacuees, Displaced, Regulation, Family Re-Unification

DHS/FEMA are tracking patients all the way to the morgue!

Excerpt from page 17:

Focus Tracking Process from EMS-certified Patient Encounter Through Release, Hospital Admission or Morgue.

Supports Hospital Evacuations & Patient Transfers (where EMS-certified resources are involved)

Share Patient Movement/Tracking, Disposition, and some Condition and Care Information During Emergency Medical Transport.

TEP Information-Sharing Supports:

Basic Incident Occurrence Information (9-1-1, Dispatch)
Care Provider Demographics (e.g. Search & Rescue, EMS)
Unique Identification of the Patient
Tracking of Physical Movement and Transition Between Care Providers
Basic Patient Emergency Evaluation, Symptoms and Care
Patient Outcome and Disposition After Release from Emergency Care

Page 19 reveals the true scope of patient tracking under “Information Sharing Opportunities”:

“Patient tracking systems at local, state and federal levels.”

Back to COMCARE…

COMCARE’s Emergency Response Alliance website describes how law enforcement, 911 directors, doctors, automotive groups, to name a few, are working to track EVERYONE:

“The ComCARE Alliance is a broad-based not-for-profit national coalition of 100 organizations representing nurses, physicians, emergency medical technicians, 9-1-1 directors, emergency managers, transportation officials, wireless, technology and transportation companies, public safety and health officials, law enforcement groups, automotive companies, consumer organizations, telematics suppliers, safety groups, and others.”

“We are working to encourage the development and deployment of life saving communications technologies that will enhance America’s emergency response capabilities. Perhaps most important, we encourage and facilitate cooperation across professional, jurisdictional and geographic lines, seeking to break down the walls that separate us and limit our effectiveness.”

Did you catch that? What they’re really saying is they’re encouraging EVERYONE to spy on you and they want the people listed above to ignore the law so COMCARE can turn a PROFIT. Sorry, I apologize they’re a non-profit that made over $12 million in 2013.

Tracking of “emergency patients” is big business, a company called Global Emergency Resources (GER) has printed numerous articles extolling the use of patient tracking systems for FEMA/DHS, click here & here to read them.

GER wants their software to be used at sporting events, to track “missing persons” in difficult circumstances! What difficult missing person(s) circumstances can you think of?

1.) You can’t remember where you’re seat is?

2.)You can’t remember where you parked your car are two that come to mind.

(GER’s missing persons B.S. example begins at the 2:00 minute mark)

Every patient that checks into a hospital is entered into DHS’s “Center for Domestic Preparedness” (CDP) database.

On March 31, 2007, the Noble Training Facility (NTF) was integrated into the CDP training center. “In 1999, the former Noble Army Hospital was converted to a training site for health and medical education in disasters, to include both acts of terrorism and natural disasters. The NTF is the only hospital facility in the United States dedicated solely to training hospital and healthcare professionals in disaster preparedness and response.”

“The NTF is the only hospital facility in the United States dedicated solely to training.”

Today’s first responders are being trained in the art of misinformation, don’t expect to get any information about a hospital’s involvement with DHS:

The NTF center has a fully operational media center with the capability to conduct live closed-circuit press broadcasts throughout the operation.

Did you know that every police department and hospital has a media center or public affairs department.  Ask yourself why do police and hospitals have media centers? Is it to be fully transparent or is it just another way for the government to close ranks and keep the public in the dark?

Isn’t that funny DHS has a sense of humor, lets use the “Noble” training facility to train first responders, doctors, nurses etc. in spying. FYI, the Noble Training Center was a former Army hospital.

Is it “Noble” to spy on patients? Is it “Noble” to ignore  HIPPA or what’s left of patient privacy?  According to FEMA/DHS, the answer is YES and EVERYONE better get used to it.

FEMA’s first responder training center is made to look just like any hospital or clinic in the country:

“The Advanced Responder Training Complex (ARTC) offers a cross-section of environments found in any community throughout the nation. The complex provides responders with a realistic training environment, to exercise the skills acquired during training. The ARTC includes a remodeled industrial park complex with simulated office space, medical clinic, fast food restaurant, facility maintenance, biomedical laboratory, calibration laboratory, and shipping/receiving office.”

Why would FEMA/DHS want to train doctors, nurses and EMTs at fake hospitals and clinics and track our every movement? The answer can be explained in two words “Obama care” or government run healthcare! What is happening to America’s doctors, has the Hippocratic oath become a joke?

“Many physicians today find physicians’ oaths lacking. Some point to the number and diversity of specialties in modern medicine and note that one, generalized oath is inadequate. Others identify that the oaths often conflict with necessary medical experiments, or simply do not address them.’

Click here , here, here & here to read how Obama care has destroyed the Hippocratic oath.


2 thoughts on “DHS/FEMA have created a national patient tracking system

  1. Yes, I certainly look forward to that mandatory RFID chip, which will have all your medical history, as well as, when the last time you dumped a load. GPS satellite tracking will pin-point your location, date, and time, forever recorded and retrievable if needed, for whatever nefarious purpose necessary to keep the curtain up. Good Ole’ Katie Couric showed us where the $hit comes before it’s dropped in the woods. With modern technology, they’ll be doing online gynecological pap smears with tools sent in the mail from someone’s good old buddy makin’ a buck in a world of endless scam. “Buy one of these flags or your not patriotic. Tell on your neighbors when they do something that offends you. What ever you do, don’t try to resolve it on your own. We’re so professionallly trained we have to put 3 L’s in Professionallly! We will resolve this issue with the least possible loss of life! And it will all be digitally monitored and recorded.”

  2. “Don’t try and use anything other than a government approved ID at a hospital or clinic or you’ll be arrested:”

    Six of one, half dozen of another.

    If the so-called ‘medical’ establishment doesn’t kill you, the pigs will.

    Either way, dead is dead.

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