Dylann Roof Confederate Flag Picture Thought To Be A Hoax

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After Dylann Roof walked into an African American church in Charleston and opened fire in June, leaving nine people dead, Confederate flags and monuments around the country began to come down because of the shooter’s presumed racial motivations.

However, new reports and analyses are surfacing that suggest the pictures that started the anti-Confederate campaign are not real, but instead are photo-shopped hoaxes meant to create a narrative surrounding the situation.  

One of the first images that emerged of Roof was of him crouching and holding a Confederate flag.  This was the image that initiated the anti-Confederate firestorm.

Several digital experts now allege, though, that this image is fake, and that Roof is holding something other than a Confederate flag.

Here is the picture that the media re-posted continuously:

dylann roof with flag

Digital experts, however, allege that, when you zoom in on Roof’s hand, something seems off.

dylann roof zoom in photoshopped

“The position of his index finger looks odd to me,” one expert stated.  “I experimented with holding a similar object and found I could not get my index finger in the position his is in.”

Not only strange is the way Roof is holding the flag, but also how his hand is both positioned and colored.  The index finger sits far to the left in relation to the other fingers, and the underside of the index finger is a different shade of white.

Another expert commented to Fourth Estate that the flag looks brand new, with the packaging creases still present.  The expert stated that these creases are very similar to what one would see present in a display advertisement shown online.

Yet another digital expert brought issue with the exposure in the photo.  He commented that the lighting that is apparent on Roof’s most-forward facing knee and the left side of his body are not consistent with the exposure on the flag-side, and that if the exposure were the same, the flag would be casting a shadow either to the back or side.

“The depth is all off.  Something is off,” he said.

Yet another expert pointed out that the star closest to Roof’s hand appears to be a yellow color, not white.


Have flags been brought down around the country, monuments defaced, and history erased because of a photo-shopped picture?

What is Dylann Roof really holding in this photo?


6 thoughts on “Dylann Roof Confederate Flag Picture Thought To Be A Hoax

  1. The knuckles will run along parallel to the gripped edge of an object. Try it yourself by holding a broom. Therefore he is holding a raccoon by the tail..

  2. even the flags that were on a jacket he was wearing in another picture were also photo shopped on that jacket

  3. I wonder why none of the pigs or the talking mannequins on the so called news are asking who took these pictures? He’s not taking a selfy or using a selfy stick, so unless he has a camera mounted on a tripod, someone else took these pictures.
    Don’t the “authorities” want to find the “church murder, hate-crime accomplice”?

  4. Gold’s gyms all should be closed!
    He is in there shirt this must make Gold’s gym racist!
    Close them down Now!
    Gold’s is for slavery. The biggest slave traders where Jews.

  5. Let’s just cut to the chase:

    -that whole ‘Roof’ incident was/is bullshit.

    Those in power have always played games with whatever form of ‘media’
    For example: during the Civil War, ‘Lincoln’s minions’ had a habit of confiscating printing equipment, imprisoning journalists, etc. of anyone that did not follow his (and of course his master’s) agenda. As some of us are aware, that war was not about slavery of blacks, but actually the continued slavery of the masses via ‘banking shenanigans’.

    As that one guy on another site says: ‘all wars are banker wars.’
    And as such, the war on America (and the rest of the globe) continues.

  6. “After Dylann Roof walked into an African American church in Charleston and opened fire in June, leaving nine people dead,…”


    I haven’t seen one single shred of PROOF that ANYONE died in that church.

    Bullsh#t from start to finish.

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