Egyptian Tanks in the Streets

As promised the Egyptian people unleashed.  The rioters numbered in the tens of thousands in cities all over Egypt.  In Cairo protesters set fire to the ruling party’s so called Democratic Headquarters while shouting, “Mubarak go to Saudi Arabia” and “We want democracy.”  Evidently the Egyptian people have been experiencing the same brand of democracy that our own government is trying to replace our Republican form of government with.

At last count 400 people are believed to have been injured in the protests.  Specific details coming out of Egypt are sketchy at best as the Mubarak regime has shut down all communication in an effort to stop the protesters form coordinating their events.  Mubarak and company also instituted a curfew, which the protesters ignored.

The Egyptian army was finally brought in complete with tanks.  One report said a tank at Suez was boarded by several protesters who were promptly shot.  However as the evening wore on, there were reports that segments of the army and police were coming over to the side of the protesters.

Our pro-accept-democracy-or-we’ll-kill-you-government has been sending mixed messages in reference to the events unfolding in Egypt.  On the one hand, they do not want to come out against a people who are shouting for democracy.  But on the other hand, they feel that that democracy might be a bad thing if the Egyptian people decide on an Islamic government. 

The fact is the United States government was instrumental in putting the dictator Mubarak into power.  Egypt is considered our number two ally in the Middle East, second only to Israel.  As everyone knows, Muslims do not like Jews or their American attack dogs. 

Do you think it might have been a mistake, strategically speaking, giving the Egyptians a billion dollars every year in military aid?  If there is a conflict between Israel and Egypt, will our military once again be facing our own arms and ammunitions in the Middle East? 

All we can hope is that calmer heads prevail and that the Egyptian people end up with a government that wants to give them freedom while striving for peace throughout the Middle East.  God bless the peace makers.

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