Joe Biden tells 99ers, “Hang in There”

Vice President Joe Biden, in a Yahoo interview, was asked what the long term unemployed need to do.  To which he responded, “Hang in there.”  He also added that we should stop smoking and eat healthier and exercise in order to bring down health care costs.  Joe Biden does not live on the same planet as the 99ers. 

Three days until the first of February and not one single piece of legislation to help the unemployed in any way has even been introduced in the Congress.  In fact the very word job is being said less and less in the mainstream propaganda.  Meanwhile the filthy rich continue to steal our resources hand over fist.

I know that every politician has at one time or another said that jobs are the number one issue and that that problem desperately needs to be dealt with.  But has anyone heard any of them say exactly when they are going to tackle the number one issue in America?  The fact is Congress continues to convene every day and not a damn thing is being done except for the rich’s pursuit of more wealth through deregulation, corporate tax breaks, and the austerity measures they intend to invoke on the rest of us to pay for it. 

It is becoming impossible to maintain hope as the blatant theft is not only not stopping but is escalating.  Hell, they are not even trying to hide it anymore.  The people of this country continue to puzzle me.  We outnumber our oppressors 500 to 1, yet we cower before them.  Mark my words; this shit is not going to stop until we stop it. 

Look at countries around the world wherein their peoples have stepped up and said, “No more.”  Other countries are toppling entire governments with minimal casualties and they are not even using guns.  And why not?  Because they have the overwhelming numbers to annihilate their opposition with or without guns.

We have the overwhelming numbers necessary to reestablish our Constitution and Republic.  And every one of us are sitting on our asses and waiting for the government, which has basically flipped us the bird, to just do the right thing.  In short we are listening to Joe Biden.  Take a good look at that filthy rich son of a bitch and then look around at what he and his fellow rich have done to you, and see if you can convince yourself that all you need to do is just “Hang in there.”

What Biden was saying in his smug manner, as for the unemployed, let them eat cake.





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  1. I just emailed Biden and the President about this comment, I am sure I will not get a response as I have not from either my senators/congressman regarding the subject of unemployment and job creation. What a piece of crap politicians we have.

  2. Hang in there. WTF — Henry, I think you misunderstood, I think he means for us to buy some rope and use it. I am so sick of this government and the majority of the American people. I really thought that Obama would try to do the right thing and do something to help the 99ers and unemployed. They are not going to tackle the job issue. They DO NOT CARE. You are right on the money when you say that this government is not even trying to hide what they are doing to the American people.

    I am completely done with facebook because I voiced my opinion on what is happening they posted this “Do not use Egypt or Tunisia or other events like that as equivocation to the 99ers. What is happening there is likely to be a violent tragedy and end for some of those people protesting. Don’t use them to make points here. It’s disrespectful.” It seems like everything I say is disrespectful. Yea right, the first thing I am going to do is try to refrain from disrespecting anyone, especially my government”.

    Although I would never promote violence at least they are united and are not going to just sit back and die off one by one. I believe that the American people could join forces in peaceful protesting. I am talking about now. When people begin to starve to death and can’t feed their children, the protest could turn deadly. That is not what we want but our situation is getting worse everyday and we are not being heard. We have already been reduced to begging and even that has not helped. If we do not come together soon, things could get out of hand. Our numbers are growing, thanks to Henry. Try to hold on to that rope, do not use it, and hope the American people unite so we can save our country. My prayers are with you all.

  3. Everyday more factories move overseas and take are livelyhoods from us, our goverment lets it happen. The one safehaven for most of us, our homes, are loosing value everyday. The number of 99ers swells everyday and there is no end in sight. It was the middle class of this nation that made us the dreamland of the world and its being systematicaly destroyed. The truth of the matter is: without MONEY,income, a job, there is no FREEDOM in this country or any other country. I am so proud of the people in Egypt. LET FREEDOM RING!

    1. I agree with you completely. We have no freedom and the middle class in America is gone. It is the rich against the poor. I can’t wait to be one of the first Americans to take our cause to the streets. Since there are only 3 signed up in Georgia — I may be alone but make no mistake I will be there.

  4. TO: Barbara99er, THANK YOU!! 100%…You are right on, I have sent OBAMA e-mails
    but I can tell you they will not respond to them..I ask him why he couldn’t say the word
    99er,I also told him he was a ONE TIME PRESIDENT!! I really have gave up on getting
    UNEMPLOYMENT…I don’t think it will happen… But,what will happen is something
    like what’s going on in ERYPT…I saw the DOW friday,all I can say is BRING IT ON!!!
    OBAMA,can’t even say MIDDLE CLASS,that’s why we don’t exsist…
    What I want to know is,What in the “H” are any of them going to run on come “2012”…

  5. you would think that the G.O.P would have figured out that by taking care of the 99er’s it would make the democrat’s shake in their boots, a perfect PR stunt slipped right through their fingers…nope fact is there is no differ between dems and the G.O.P they are all one family and no one is saying anything about it…these people will not leave by vote because they hide behind talking points and nonsense propaganda selling the american people b/s and using social media around election time to pull the wool over our eyes about issues americans really care about like AMERICAN’S!!! and the 99er’s are americans, the time for talk is about over folks.

    1. We here at From the Trenches World Report are not terrorists. We seek peaceful resolution in every instance. To say that the possibility of violence does not exist in the reinstitution of the Republic and the Constitution would be naive. To protect this site we must request that all commenters refrain from openly calling for violence. We all know what is going on and we can progress without cutting off our nose to spite our face. Any comments coming in to this site advocating shooting people or terrorist acts will be edited or removed.

  6. Hi folks:

    I am a 60 year old 99er, unemployed for two years.Worked for 44 years. Ranting on these forums don’t do anyone of us any good. It doesn’t solve our situation, doesn’t pay the mortgage,food for the children, utilities, fix the vehicle. Contacting Senators in the state of Minnesota is worthless, including Obama B.S.

    I would pull myself up by my bootstraps .BUT I HAVE NO BOOTS! In another 10 year’s the people who have jobs right now will be where we are RIGHT NOW. If that’s any consulation.

    I have resigned myself to living in my vehicle in the next two weeks. I’am done,stressed to the MAX. I don’t ever want to work in a cubicle again. I would be most happy working for the elderly. But, oh need to be certified.

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