99ers, The Citizen Spy Network is coming to Shut us up and Take our Guns

There were 454,000 new jobless claims last week.  Hey no big deal, at least that is according to the mainstream propagandists.  What is important are corporations continuing to make record profits and the stock market climbing to above 12,000 points.  When the financial crisis hit the stock market was at 14,000, it dropped to 9,000.  So what did that 5,000 drop in points represent?  It was indeed the final result of the numerous Ponzi schemes being run by the off shore banks that had by that time, taken over complete control of the United States government. 

How many times have you heard the mainstream propagandists and politicians say that we all will have to suffer to repair the damage?  Well we 99ers certainly have done our share of suffering.  But it is a natural fact that the top ten percent have not only not suffered, but have prospered in what they are calling a jobless recovery.  A jobless recovery means every one recovers except the jobless. 

The mainstream propaganda machine has effectively made the 99ers cease to exist in the reality they are projecting.  They know every day we grow more destitute and desperate.  So what measures are being taken by our so called government to deal with the problem of the 99ers? 

One of the actions being taken is the Citizen Spy Network wherein so called professionals, doctors, lawyers, the power man, and the cable guy, are being approached and recruited for the purpose of spying on the general public.  They are to report all suspicious activities to Homeland Security.  These activities include, but are not limited to, using cash instead of credit cards, possessing firearms, and speaking out against the government. 

These new spies are to be granted unconditional immunity in all their actions, which means if their report causes damage to any citizen and is found to be erroneous that citizen is denied redress.  They will also have absolute immunity for the crime of perjury, which means they can go on the witness stand and tell wanton lies about any one of us, after which they cannot be prosecuted. 

Our glorious protectors are also working to get all of the nation’s FEMA camps prepared to receive us.  In states like Texas, the police can now forcibly take a citizen’s blood at a sobriety check point.  Police across the nation are also being sent to Iraq to learn how to properly run a check point and conduct gun confiscation raids.  If you would like more information on the Citizen Spy Network watch this video by Alex Jones.

Anyone who cannot see that these diabolical monsters are now working to turn we the people against one another is too far gone to be saved.  Militia radio is reporting that those patriots who can afford to are clearing the shelves in every warehouse of all guns and ammunition available.  The Glock semi-automatic pistol cannot be found in any store.  In my opinion a Glock is a sorry excuse for a pistol, but as soon as the public saw that the incident in Tucson might cause Glocks to be hard to get a hold of, they bought them up. 

I know most 99ers can ill afford to be arming themselves at present but I think that any citizen who does not try to arm and prepare for what is looking to be more inevitable every day is a fool.  The Mosin Nagant Battle riffle can still be purchased for around $100.  If you decide to make the purchase check the barrel and bolt carefully as some dealers out there will try to sell you a nice looking stock with a lousy receiver and barrel attached.  Do not care what it looks like, get a weapon that functions well.  A thousand rounds of 7.62 x 54 ammunition can still be bought for around $200.  After you have a weapon and ammunition, start stocking all the non-perishable food you can get your hands on.   If you need training in the use of your firearm you will find individuals in your local militias who will be happy to assist you. 

I know this is all going to seem extreme but the inevitable truth can no longer be denied.   The international corporate mafia and their lapdogs in our government are going for broke.  It is their aim to either enslave or kill us.  They would like to do so without a fight as they know that if we stand together as patriots and defenders of our Constitution and Republic they cannot win.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we the free citizens of the United States will prevail.





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  1. Great article Henry. I know we are being watched. I have already started stocking up on food because I know that everything you predict is inevitable. I am also going to purchase a gun. Some people still hold on to the idea that our government is going to help us. I think after listening to the Sate of the Union it is obvious that the 99ers are on their own and the government has no intention of dealing with us. We are not important enough to even be mentioned. The reason is because we are no threat to this government. They will continue to hold us in bondage until we make a decision, unite and do something besides crying about our situation. I don’t know what it is going to take for the American people to rally together and take to the streets in protest. Other countries are doing it. Just recently in Cairo protesters fed up with high unemployment and lack of freedoms protested to demand an end to President Hosni Mubarak’s authoritarian 30-year-rule. I sometimes think that the majority of the American people are cowards and I am a firm believer that what happened in Arizona will start happening in other states. This scares me to death. Do we need to have another tragedy before we stand up to our government?

    I have been very fortunate because my husband is on social security disability. This allows us to pay the mortgage, utilities and the 13 medications necessary to keep him alive. My family helps with groceries. However, I found out yesterday that my Cobra insurance will run out in March. My husband has to be disabled 2 years before he qualifies for Medicare. This means that there will be a 4 month period when he will not have any insurance. I have specific medical problems also and I don’t have a clue how to pay for health insurance for myself. Obama thinks his healthcare plan is will help but even though they can not deny you for pre-existing conditions that can make the damn premium so high you still can’t afford it. I had doctor appointments every day this week and they all require a co-pay. I hope that we will soon become stronger in numbers so we can do something that will make a difference.

  2. Henry, I watched the Citizen Spy Network video by Alex Jones. I already knew about Wal-Mart’s rat-out- your- neighbor screens in their stores, but when I walked into my local Food Lion grocery store the other day, Lo and behold, hanging from the ceiling by the checkout isles, a brand new snitch screen. I went and told the store manager, who I’ve known for years, ” Either that thing goes , or I’m shopping somewhere else.” She told me ” Good luck, they’re going up everywhere. ” I could kick my self in the ass for selling my SKS to help pay my rent last month, ’cause it looks like I’m gonna need it in the near future. That’s O.K. , I got backup. Unite people ! The last act is coming, and when the curtain falls , it’s gonna be too late.

      1. Unfortunately, no Mark, things aren’t looking up, but thanks for asking. We’re just going to try to ” hang in there “, as our illustrious Vice President puts it.

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