EPA Warns Sunlight Dangerous to Plants

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“Think sunny days are good for plants? Not always…”

The US Environmental Protection Agency warned against the danger posed to plant life by “sunny days” Tuesday in a highly criticized post on Twitter.  

As the Obama administration prepares to finalize strict new rules regarding ground-level ozone this week, the EPA has taken to social media to point out the scourge of sunlight on foliage and trees.   “Think sunny days are good for plants? Not always,” the agency tweeted. “Sunlight causes ozone to form, which harms foliage, weakens trees.”   A link sent out with the tweet, likely aimed at explaining the harmful effects of sunlight on plant life, redirects users to a dead page on the EPA website.


Twitter users, noticing the absurdity in the EPA highlighting the alleged danger of sunlight as the world faces numerous legitimate environmental issues, mercilessly mocked the agency in response.


While the EPA touts itself as a lead defender of the environment, the agency has illustrated in countless examples that it is far more concerned with bureaucracy and insider dealings than protecting nature.

After the agency polluted the Animas River with more than 3 million gallons of toxic waste last month, EPA officials refused to provide data to the press on the extent of the damage in an attempt to cover up the disaster.

Similar to their attack on life-giving sunlight, the EPA also showed its disdain for water after a Wyoming rancher recently faced more than $16 million in fines for building a pond on his own property.


16 thoughts on “EPA Warns Sunlight Dangerous to Plants

  1. The north-side of northern mountains are mostly bare of trees first off, then usually windswept and usually colder so slower growth.

    The south side of southern mountains [in hot climates] can be scorched from too much sun and trees only grow on the north-side, if at all.

    It’s f-in logical…

    They tend to grow better when they are not sprayed with coal fly ash from planes and watered with fluoridated chlorine water. BUT THATS JUST my OBSERVATION.

  2. I see…. it all makes perfect sense.

    People are complaining that the chemtrails are blocking the sun, so if the sun is made out to be evil, then the chemtrails must be good.

    No one’s concerned with the truth of the matter. It’s only a question of how to shovel the BS to the peasants so they’ll believe it.

    1. What was I thinking? Those plants weren’t growing ’cause of the sun and water…It was the good chemtrails…stupid me.

  3. The Sun is just tooo dangerous to have around.
    God did not know what he was doing when he created light.
    It is time to get rid of the Sun and use only light created by Zionist controlled power plants. Sarcasm tuned off now.

  4. Think breathing air is always good for humans? Not so. Given enough untainted oxygen and people will start behaving rationally, thinking for themselves and see right through our bullshit.


  5. This is most logical.

    CO2 is bad ergo Sunlight must also be bad.
    Next up, water is bad for plants.

    OK, let’s review:
    Two of the three vital things as far as plants are concerned are now deemed to be “bad” for plants.

    Why am I thinking of vaccines being “good” for people [“people”, not the Gov mind you].

  6. Save the TREES
    de-ACTIVATE the feral reserve (not Federal agency, and not in our country or it’s LAWS interest)

    Beyond Trump’s tax plan
    Abolish the INCOME TAX (not “fix it” )

    Save the TREES
    OUTLAW ALL SAG / SRM op’s.

  7. So that’s what the chemtrails are for! The government people are saving the plants from that horrible process of photosynthesis. That’s where plants absorb sunlight and CO2 and water and grow into bigger plants that produce flowers and fruit and vegetables that absorb more CO2 and produce more stuff.

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