4 thoughts on “Ethnic Cleansing

  1. Native Americans are STILL paying that price. The South is no where near the costs of what Native Americans have had to, or will ‘pay’.

    1. No, the Zuni, Navajo, Apache and others are now so overwhelmed with free stuff and endless free money they can barely embezzle it all. I know from having LIVED there, the BULLSHIT you see and hear about “oh poor us” does not fly when you live among them for a few years, they get free anything they want and government checks flying out their arses, the only thing the federal government has NOT done is wipe their arses for them. The only reason they “look” impoverished is because they blow their hefty government paychecks on food, beer and big vehicles (also electronics) before their get around to their house. Big fat walrus indians are more common than skinny ones here in New Mexico. These lard arsed indians who are NOT SUFFERING AT ALL show up at the store with fistfulls of money and government “free anything you want” cards and I have watched them get FOUR OR FIVE CARTS of nothing but MEAT and I mean FRESH CUT BEEF and STEAKS at SIX DOLLARS A POUND and NOT PAY FOR IT! The AMERICAN PEOPLE had to pay for it! The Navajo in PineHill good LORD! The government once every month or three months sends ONE OR TWO SEMI TRUCKS OF FREE FOOD AND CLOTHING! Not rotten or old! Fresh bought and they HAND IT OUT!

      They also get FREE HOUSING! JESUS CHRIST do they get free housing! They RIP the houses apart and my god when I talked to one of the repair guys… They tore all the doors out, tore the walls down, broke all the pipes up somehow, broke out windows and it just kept going!!! I know because this was NEXT DOOR! Who paid for it? Not the Navajo! The AMERICAN PEOPLE! Took them months to fix the house and immediately gave it to ANOTHER indian for free who did the same!

      They even get free garbage disposal but are so god damned lazy they just pile the garbage in the yard! The Zuni are horrible with this! They are so brain dead they just pile it up! My gods the rats and flies, but they blame WHITE people for their own stupidity.

      I could tear your ear off for the things I have seen while living on various reservations for more than a decade. I will NEVER for ANY reason believe in this “oh the poor injuns” BULLSHIT!

      The south took it in the teeth and ARE paying for it! Blacks and whites got along just fine till the yankees came, now the south is more divided than ever. In the south people had a chance till the yankee came along and impoverished it through the bayonet and now federal law and regulation.

      The south being defeated was beyond any ideas of “ethnic cleansing” in that through their destruction the American culture was nearly extinguished, politeness, sincerity, gentlemen, ladies and on all went the wayside. Also, guess where the first communist parties took root? Yankees. The south has more or less always been opposed to communism and the hive mind, the yankees the other way around in forcing more government on everyone.

      The south lost the war and now look at the nation, the yankees are still in power. Did a whole lot of good eh?


    1. Morons? Try the truth, the indians are NOT on our side, they are the biggest hard liners I have ever met for government, they live off the government teat and they will kill EVERYONE to keep it. They bought the NWO and UN hook line and sinker and want more, more, more! Worst is they know it, refuse to admit it unless backed into a corner and cant wait to serve the military to get MORE handouts because now they are not just “privileged indians” but also “veterans!”

      Koyote you do not want division, we need it. We need as much division as possible, we need to get our shit sorted out NOW before the fight breaks loose and groups start turning on each other. Learn who is on your flanks and six before starting a battle, they may be “allies” now but they will coup de grace your arse at the first chance they get.

      No more lies, no more dancing around the fire, just straight truth and DEAL WITH IT! Morning Star is probably no fool, just did not know, I know and am speaking the truth because I LIVED THROUGH IT! If I am a moron for telling people the truth about who our enemies are then what does that make you for not wanting it brought out because it might cause “division.”

      Sort yourself out before a battle and know your friends and enemies, it will save your life.

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