Unemployment, a Non-Issue

First Published 11-7-10

Have you ever noticed how those who make up the discussion panels on the mainstream propaganda programming are all rich?  I think it tends to make the reporting a little biased.  They have been harping, almost in unison that the Bush tax cuts need to be extended to everyone, not just those who make under $250,000 per year.  And when anyone suggests that the cutoff should be put at a million dollars they still take offense at the idea.  Every once in a while they betray themselves, as I suppose it is inherent in human nature for people to brag.  Judging from their actions, the majority of the people who appear as guests on the various mainstream media programs make more than a million dollars per year.  That must be why they can relate so well to the situation we 99ers find ourselves in.

I heard one such guest make the statement, “Unemployment is a non-issue.”  He spent a couple of minutes explaining how unemployment monies did nothing to stimulate the economy.  And when he finished making the case for no more unemployment extensions, the next words that came out of his mouth were, “If they do not make the tax cuts to everyone permanent, the private sector will not start hiring again.”

Another guest put forth the notion that maybe the tax cuts should be extended across the board for one year.  To which the other guest became very irritated and said that if they were only extended for one year, the businesses could not make long term plans and so they still would not hire.  Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t this sound a little bit like extortion?  I swear they are so blatant in their actions.

Locally, when a tax levy fails to pass for the schools they immediately say that the busses must stop running.  Then after a few months of the citizens having to drive their children to school, they bring the levy up again, and it used to pass, but not anymore.  People have come to the point where they are saying that if the schools shut down they really don’t care.  And do you know what?   The busses start running again without the levy.  This is because the bus drivers belong to a union.  These agencies are getting to the point that they are starting to steal from one another, as each is questing to create the perfect bureaucracy which serves no one, nor anything, but itself.

$60 billion was made by American companies overseas this year and they will not bring it back to this country.  Instead it is being used to bolster economies in the countries that have taken over our industrial base.   Our new Congress to be is not saying a word in reference to stopping the export of our jobs, rewards to the rich for moving their businesses out, or forcing that $60 billion to be brought back into this country where the businesses who created it are based so that the people who own those businesses can pay their taxes like everybody else.

Our situation cannot improve until we stop the theft.  This is the richest country on Earth and there is no reason why every person willing to get up and do a day’s work should not be able to earn a living wage at minimum.  The fact is in the richest country on Earth, unemployment should be a non-issue.

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