Unemployment for Those Still Looking for Work

First Published 11-5-10

Well it’s only been three days since the election and those who were ardent enemies last week are already swapping spit and talking compromise.  However, it seems one thing will not be compromised and that is the wanton disdain and hate for us 99ers.  They see us as something used up that they need to find a way to dispose of.

Let’s look at Obama’s statement during the C-Span meeting yesterday, “Unemployment for folks that are still out there looking for work.”  If you are a 99er you have exhausted your benefits and most of you have ceased to report to the unemployment office, hence you are categorized as no longer looking for work.  The elitist scum have no intention of lending any aid to the long term unemployed.  No, you say?

Well let’s see what Republican Representative Devin Nunes from California, who is currently serving on the Committee for Ways and Means, which has jurisdiction over all taxation as well as Social Security, Unemployment Benefits, Medicare, and TANIF, and the Committee on Budget, has to say on the issue.

Nunes stated during an interview on Fox Business’ Varney and Co.,

“The 99ers are a group of people out there who have already received 99 weeks of unemployment.  You can’t keep people on unemployment.  It’s kind of like the state of California right now, where you just keep giving more money, more money and it becomes like drugs to a drug addict.  So look, I’m all for people that lost their jobs, make sure that there are unemployment benefits out there, but 99 weeks is probably too long.

“We’re going to have to come up with some type of change to where that people who actually lose their job have access to unemployment, and where people that have been on for 99 weeks at some point have to come off.  We just can’t keep supporting people that don’t want to work.”

This dirt bag should fear walking the streets that we have been forced to live upon.  But then I’m sure the tax payers provide him with a chauffeured car and body guards.  We cannot let this affront go unchallenged.  Starting right now we need to call, fax, email, and tweet this piece of tripe and tell him that we are 99ers and he had better enjoy his next two years in office because they will be his last.  Let him know that we will work for the next two years to make sure of it.

So what is the great compromise going to be?  These new uncompromising Republicans will only remove from the health care plan those provisions which would have helped the old and poor and would have cost the rich money.  And what will they keep?  The parts that are already hurting the lower middle class who are paying up to one-third of their income for healthcare.  And what’s the trade-off?  A continuation of the Bush tax giveaways to the super rich.

What about the great emancipator, Barry Soetoro AKA Barrack Obama?  Well he’s off to India on an all expense paid vacation that will cost hundreds of millions of dollars. I would like to see him impeached, but I know that his ring knocking, spit swapping brethren on the other side of the false left-right paradigm have no such intensions.

Everybody had better prepare themselves, as I see no way that this abomination is going to be stopped, short of a shooting war.  99ers, we are again betrayed, as there will only be unemployment for those still looking for work, and evidently that is not us.  No Tier 5 unemployment extension.

Representative Devin Nunes contact information:

Clovis, CA Office:              Phone – 559-323-5235

Fax:        559-323-5235

Visalia, CA Office:             Phone:  559-733-3861

Fax:        559-733-3865

Washington DC Office:  Phone: 202-225-2523

Fax:        202-225-3404

Email Form:                        https://nunes.house.gov/index.cfm?FuseAction=ContactUs.ContactForm

Twitter Account:              twitter.com/devinnunes

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  1. I like to have this statment posted I work since I was 15th years old I did what every job I could it is not my problem that the goverment have let all U S job go over seas and left none for the american people now i can not find a job and they refuse to help us in time of need if you have job that i can do they send me and email rich people only care about there life style and do care if we die out here but if all 99ers and those that is about to become a 99ers buy only american made items we can show the goverment we will not support other country we will only support our counrty it time for american to stand up for our right and to let the world know we can take care of our self i call for the real americans stand up and be americans

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