6 thoughts on “When Fascism comes to America

  1. Agree with the first part, BUT… they’re doing their damnedest to eliminate all vestiges of Christianity in this country.

    Including the cross.

  2. When communism comes to America it will be dressed as some guy complaining about Christianity while calling everyone else a fascist and wearing a vagina on its head while hating on all white heterosexual males. You know, AmeriKa today. Guess that’s all settled, right. Liberty1775

  3. I’d say fascism is already here, as is communism. What I mean is that mainstream two-party politics in the US is basically a competition between fascist Republicans and communist Democrats. At least that’s the state of popular politics.

    On a higher level, both of these feuding camps are controlled by the same special interests: Zionists, the MIC, and certain business sectors. Anyone who wants to know the agenda of the ruling oligarchy only needs to look at which policies are agreed upon by BOTH major parties. Examples include the “War on Drugs,” the “War on Terror,” and US subjugation to Israel. How often do we hear prominent representatives from either major party question any of these?

  4. Cogitation
    Dragon – City of London, the square mile, wampum capital

    Lion-Bear-Leopard…beast from sea, Atheist Commune-istic, GB-Russia-Germany plus 10 kings for one hour in final act, they will worship the beast

    2-horns like lamb…beast from earth Fascist/Judeo-Christian (includes Vatican), US & Isreal warmongers

    Image created by beast is Zionist Israel and its adherents, Image is to be worshiped, Image created by 2 horned beast

    Simplification: Communist and Fascist haters of the righteous. But have no idea what righteousness is. They are workers of iniquity who believe they serve God…but it is the God of this world…Lucy baby! You know, Baphomet with tits.

    Beast and Image worshipers burn in hell on fire from their hatred of Righteousness – the true body of Christ. They will wax worse and worse but the Father will cut this shit short…surprise, surprise, surprise!

    Thought for the day…all the vials are in operation now, they are spiritual but the whore with 2 horns can only interpret it in a carnal way, ever learning never coming to the knowledge of the Truth. They have no idea that Armageddon is at the door. Clue: they hate the true God and are on fire in their hatred and you get a blot trying to reason with assholes.

    666 – men who worship the beast and his image, those who promote, strengthen and carry forward the Babylonian City of Confusion, confusion is making a lie out of the truth to corrupt the souls of men.

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