FDA and FBI Raid Cancer Cure Center and Steal Medicine from Dying Patients

FDA AgentBob Tuskin – by Sam Bass

My wife, Yvonne, has been given two death sentences. No, she is not a criminal nor a terrorist. Let me tell you her story.

Six years ago she was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. After three surgeries the doctors felt that they had removed all the cancer. Almost one year later the cancer returned with fast growing tumors on her back. Again, the Doctor wanted to do surgery and treat her using interferon. His prognosis was that she had six months before she would die (DEATH SENTENCE # 1) and that the interferon “might” give her a 10% chance of survival. But, if she did the interferon, she would feel like she had the flu for a year and it would further weaken her immune system. Yvonne asked the Doctor directly if he were in her shoes would he take the course of action he was recommending. After much silence he said, “No.”  

With much prayer and research, we choose an alternative route. She changed her diet radically. My children and I started massaging her back almost daily with essential oils. Through guidance from a Natural Phatic Doctor we begin supplementing her diet.

In a matter of months the tumors on her back begin to decrease in size and then suddenly disappeared. Her oncologist did not believe that the cancer was gone and had a scan done which verified she was cancer free. DEATH SENTENCE # 1 OVERTURNED.

Five years later the cancer returned with a violent aggression unlike before. She lost over 80 pounds in less than six months, could not keep any food down, and had to sleep setting up in a chair. Knowing that we had defeated cancer once before, we were confident we could defeat it again. Thus, after much prayer and research, and due to the fast growth of these new tumors, we decided to seek an alternative clinic that would help oversee her treatment.

We chose Camelot Cancer Care in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Camelot has been treating cancer patients for over ten years with a verified 60% decrease in the SUV’s in tumors on their patients PET scans after receiving their treatment. An oncologist who had personal knowledge of Camelot’s effectiveness felt that it would be the better course, even over normal medical treatments.

Their treatment consist of 20 rounds of B-17 (known as laetrile), vitamin C, and DMSO administered intravenously. The first eight treatments must be done in the clinic and are overseen by a medical staff. The remaining eight can be self-administered at home with weekly blood test to insure no adverse effects from the treatments.

On the eight day (April 23, 2013) Yvonne was showing great signs that the treatments were working. She could sleep laying down, she was keeping most of her food down, she had an increase in her appetite, and energy. We were about to leave the clinic with the remaining twelve treatments in my hands when the FBI and FDA raided the clinic in a gestapo like manner claiming that the use of B-17 was illegal and that Camelot was committing fraud. They made the staff remove all the patients off their IVs and told us all to leave.

I set the box of prefilled IV bags down to put my coat own. As I reached for the box an FBI agent slammed his hand down on the box and told me, “You cannot take that with you.” I informed him that I had paid $13,000 for it, thus it was mine and that it was necessary for my wife’s continuing successful battle with her cancer. He told me he would arrest me if I picked it up again. I told him to read me my rights which he declined.

They keep us there for another two hours under constant arm guard. I was not allowed to go to the restroom without removing my coat and empting all my pockets. An agent led us to believe that we might be able to take our property home with us just to tell us two hours later that the Attorney General’s lawyer said we could not have it.

By the FBI/FDA and Attorney General’s action they handed my wife DEATH SENTENCE #2. Because the FBI/FDA sealed the bank accounts of Camelot and it’s owner, we cannot recover the $13,000 which we borrowed. This has limited us to seeking other alternative treatments elsewhere.

WE are now put in a position that we must self-treat Yvonne. DO NOT FRET! We are confident in our God that He is leading us and with the support of friends, our church, and many strangers we will defeat this death sentence. I believe that we will show that our rogue government cannot remove our right to choose how we fight this cancer and that alternative treatments can and are successful.



16 thoughts on “FDA and FBI Raid Cancer Cure Center and Steal Medicine from Dying Patients

  1. For all the incalculable treason and oppression of America, the fbi trash and co will get the picture real soon…

    They have no idea how much RAGE and FURY we will unleash against ALL traitors. No — F-ing — GD — idea…

    If they did this to my Wife and she died, I know there wold be a LOT of very dead scum.

  2. Lord, I pray for quick healing for Yvonne and I pray boils, plagues, and disease upon the jackboots, and government agents who do these tyrannical things to us Americans. In Jesus name I pray, amen!

    Vengeance is mine declares the Lord

  3. This just shows all of us that they think of us as animals, cattle in their herd. And if they choose NOT to allow treatment, that is what they’ll do. And if they choose to treat us with disease riddled vaccines with all the heavy metals,and God knows what else in them, they will. They spray us on a daily basis with chemtrails, put fluoride in the water, and Soetoro wants to up the allowable radiation level in the drinking water. We are nothing more than a mass of guinea pigs that they can experiment on at their pleasure. Just wait till we the people begin our own herd culling. Bring your ropes to the roundup!

    1. Note… That would be “AMERICAN MADE HEMP ROPE” and don’t forget the Wind Chimes

      Note… Wind Chimes are something DiggerDan thought of a while back. Ahhhh, Wind Chimes and Gallows… Music to our ears!

  4. I posted this one because it was B-17 that was taken, and that is one cancer cure that I know definitely works.

    However, if this guy paid $13,000, he got rooked. You can buy B-17 in capsules for FAR less than what he paid.

  5. What a sorry, sad, sadistic mess the USA has become. Maybe the time has come to build up a strong underground that could fill in at least some of these very basic needs.

  6. Stay strong, Yvonne and Bob. These natural treatments like Laetrile were put here by a loving God, to help those who need it. Those who would steal the right to life from you are evil beyond measure,and will be dealt with accordingly. There are other measures you can take, although it means more effort for you both – at a time when you should have been able to relax and recover a little as your chosen treatment worked. There is ‘Essiac’, which has helped so many since Marie Caisse was given the recipe – look on Andrew Johnson’s ‘Checktheevidence’ website, he has many items to help Cancer sufferers. The tide is surely starting to turn against the soul-less cowards who would deny Yvonne her rightful return to health. Don’t allow them to belittle your faith and strength – and please accept my loving wishes and thoughts for you.

  7. Goes to show ALL, that the “We The People” THEY signed an Oath to Protect is NOT “you and I” but CORPORATIONS that never intend or intended to be held accountable to ANYONE, even the doctors and dentists THEY harm… I think the SCUM all need to be taken before an International Court of Citizens Grand Juries (see http://www.nsea.us) and tried for war crimes and human trafficking! Rife had CURES for Cancer since the 1930’s, and many others since him… all to be defeated by EVIL and THEIR “kind” TOTAL LOSERS!!!!!

  8. There is a well known remedy for cancer in South America called Taheebo Bark. It may be purchased at most herbalists, and natural stores. It cures cancer in about 30 days, and costs about $10 – $20 for the full 30 days. In Canada it is known as P’Au D’Arco. It is very easy to prepare. All the best to you all.

    This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  9. Correction:

    There is a well known treatment for cancer in South America called Taheebo Bark. It may be purchased at most herbalists, and natural stores. It takes effect in a matter of days and full effect in about 30 days, and costs about $10 – $20 for the full 30 days. In Canada it is known as P’Au D’Arco. It is very easy to prepare. All the best to you all.

    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

  10. They really are sick to the core – what sickens me also is the fact that these FBI agents do not realise how dispensible they too are to the powers that be. One day they too might need what your wife had and it is thanks to their own actions that they cannot get the treatment they need. This stinks to high heavens

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