Former Atheist protests Israel and the IDF. Israel did 9/11! Wake up!

Published on Jul 22, 2014 by E Perce

It was the discovery of who attacked the USA on 9/11 that changed my life. I believe due to overwhelming and factual evidence, that 9/11 was an attack by the people I claim in the video, no other than the Judes.

This is not a joke or a game or a stunt. USA is Palestine. Do realize, this is risking death and years of my bodily incarceration by the Zionist powers that rule us from Israhell and here. This is not a stunt, it is truth.

It is the same people who attacked the U.S.S. Liberty. Like Tsar Nicholas 2 of Russia who was murdered by Bolsheviks, our leader JFK fell and our country overthrown for the sake of Executive Order 11,110 and Nuclear abilities to the Zionists of Israhell.

9/11 was another false flag-Israhell event.

Atheism is a war upon the the values of our country and it’s historical, overwhelming evidence that this country was founded by believers as a Saxon Christian blessing to the world. This country has been overthrown by the same people who attacked us on 9/11. Remember, I’ve been all the way up to the top in the Zionist movement, or far enough that I recognized what it was. A complete Zionist operation against this country. Our children are dying our races are being destroyed in Zionist wars and we are being murdered by authorities in the open, in the streets just as the Christians in Russia, during Holodomor, the real and factual Holocaust.

I do not hold any belief aligning with Zionism or the average mainstream church in America. They are corrupt and align themselves with their masters, the Ashkenazim.

My friends, wake up, Zionists are destroying the country. We are Palestine.
Christ, was not a Jew and when you learn this revelation you will understand Rev 2:9 and 3:9, the most powerful prophecies in scripture.

Begin news quote.
Ernest and his 12-year-old son Praise held signs while standing along Front Street. Ernest wore a clerical collar as he held two signs. Two of the signs read, “END AID TO ISRAHELL” and “ISRAHELL DID 9/11.” Ernest declined to provide his full name.

(Amendment to the article, I refused to identify myself to authorities based on the 4th Amendment of the United States. I gave my first name and that is all sufficient since I hadn’t violated a law. I believe the media is owned by Zionist, as is are the schools, employment, companies, media and banks and military and enforcement. The New jerUSAlem is overthrown, Christianity must raise up, she is under attack.”)

Ernest said he does not recognize Israel as a state. “It’s a terrorist occupation of Palestine,” he said. (Left out of Article… America is Palestine.)

He claims the money that is going to aid Israel would be of more use in America.

“They’re cutting away on kid’s education and making it hard for us to eat food
(Left out of article…the food companies are owned by the same people.),” Ernest said. “All for what? To bomb little babies.”

Starbucks and Soda Stream and many other companies pay and enable the terrorist occupation of Palestine by the Edomite Ashkenazim.”

Jewish Almanac 1980 page 3 Identity Crisis and under the column of A Brief History of the Terms for “JEW”
Strictly speaking it is incorrect to call a n ancient Israelite a “Jew” or to call a contemporary Jew an “Israelite” or a “Hebrew.”

Zionism is the occupation of Palestine based of the belief that Ashkenazim and the branches are “Semites.” Jews are not Semite, they are of Edom and further identified by DNA proof by searching “John Hopkins DNA PROVES JEWS ARE NOT SEMITE.” Also right in Genesis 10:3 of the Hebrew (Jews Converted in 125 BC by force of King John Hycranus and this was far to late to have written the old Testament and 40 years after the first Saxon Hanuka. No Old Testament prophet of Old was Jewish or Ashkenazim, children of Japheth and not Shem (Shemites, Semites.) Yeshua bar Yosef was not a Jew!

“Be at peace with all men by Ending Zionism. We should be blessing the world, not destroying it by Marxism, Communism and Atheism.

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  1. That’s funny.
    9-11 happened 13 years ago, and he’s telling other people to wake up?

    Thanks for pulling your head from your butt, “former atheist”.

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