Fort Hood Soldiers Begin Ebola Screening Process After Liberia

Ebola Monitoring of Fort Hood SoldiersBreitbart – by Bob Price

Fort Hood, Texas, has received its first eighty-seven Ebola warriors who have returned home after helping to fight the deadly disease in Liberia. Most of the soldiers are members who are permanently assigned to Fort Hood, but some are from Fort Carson, Colorado. The soldiers now begin a twenty-one day monitoring period to ensure none of them returned carrying the deadly virus.

The soldiers will be taken care of in Fort Hood’s Controlled Monitoring Area Site (CMAS). During this process the soldiers will be treated with dignity, respect and compassion, according to a press release from the Fort Hood Press Center obtained by Breitbart Texas. They will be afforded essential quality of life equipment and services as they transition through the twenty-one day monitoring program.  

“While here, Soldiers will conduct resiliency and readiness training, building their warrior skills for their potential next deployment,” said Lt. Col. Carter Price, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, commander in charge of cadre operations for the Fort Hood Controlled Monitoring Area Site.

Fort Hood Soldiers Return Home

Colonel Price said there is a low probability of any of the soldiers having been exposed to the Ebola virus. However, he called the monitoring a “prudent move.”

Following the monitoring period, there will be a Welcome Home Ceremony where the soldiers will be reunited with their family, friends and the community.

Price said that should any soldier begin to exhibit any symptoms of the Ebola virus, they will immediately be separated from the remaining soldiers and monitored in a medical area within the CMAS. Should the Ebola virus be confirmed the soldier would be moved to an appropriate medical facility.

The returning Ebola warriors are part of the 36th Engineer Brigade. They returned from Liberia in West Africa where they were deployed in October, 2014, as part of Operation United Assistance.

Bob Price is a senior political news contributor for Breitbart Texas and a member of the original Breitbart Texas team. Follow him on Twitter @BobPriceBBTX.


4 thoughts on “Fort Hood Soldiers Begin Ebola Screening Process After Liberia

  1. CMAS – Controlled Monitoring Area Site
    Great. They’ll get training about running a FEMA type camp while simultaneously being forced to live in one for 3 weeks.
    All, after the privilege of being “guinea pigs” for whatever perverted abortion of an operation is going on in Africa.
    What about the people who flew the planes, drove the buses, etc. to get them back here? Or the people who ride in the plane or buses after they’ve been used for transportation? I guess they get to run free while spreading any virus they may have contacted.
    If, and I emphasize the if, there is any disease, it’s not even remotely like the Ebola seen in the past. Personally, I think testing on bioweapons and fear based psyops is, or was, being done on different populations. And, true to form, they’ll use military men and women as test subjects.
    Trust me. The military command can, and do, force personnel to take vaccines and medications. And force you to stay quiet about it.
    WTF is an Engineering Battalion doing in West Africa?
    Helping with the Ebola crisis (other than as medical test subjects.) I doubt it.
    Helping to exploit valuable corporate resources is more probable, in my opinion.
    Hats off to General Smedley Butler USMC for awakening me to this way of thinking.

    1. ‘Ebola’ is a hoax. Targeted water poisoned with formaldehyde to produce ‘Ebola’ like symptoms.

      The NWO may be psychopaths, but they’re not stupid. Poisoning they can control. Not so with a raging epidemic.

      1. I agree 1000%.
        That’s why I said “If”.
        Sometimes I’m too reluctant to push people away with truth I’m worried they can’t handle. My bad.
        Thanks for letting me know there are a few out there who think like I do.
        “Whereas once I was blind…now I can see.”

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