From the Trenches Schools Alex Jones on How to Stay Alive

Say what you want about Alex the con man Jones, the little man can’t hold a candle to Henry Shivley. Let’s face it, Alex Jones is a punk, all the face to face bullshit, all the in your face interviews couldn’t keep the billionaire backed clown to keep his mojo together.

Henry played it smart, he stayed out of the circus arena and kept it real, only identified with the task at hand, and that is the fact of the abolishment of the Bill of Rights, and the fight for the reinstatement thereof.   

Something that is close to our hearts, an unequivocal right that the little big man neglected in his quest for big time notoriety, the same mistake all power hungry maniacs fight for,  that’s a “fat check” mistake most of these power hungry idiots make.

They haven’t touched Henry, know why? Because Henry is real, let us not forget that.

Alex Jones is a loud mouthed punk, and that is what is bringing his jew loving ass down, mouth and mammon. People see right through this clown, it’s all about the money.

The Shivleys could care less, they know better, and they’re moving forward.  Who knows what lies ahead?  So far, the reinstatement of our Bill of Rights is moving forward, ‘nuff said, thanks to all of you, The Trenches rocks on, thank God.

18 thoughts on “From the Trenches Schools Alex Jones on How to Stay Alive

  1. Good one Mark. Frankly, I’ve never heard anyone that can equal Henry because no one else that I’m aware of is teaching the Bill of Rights/common law. They take the situation right back into the arena of the politics of the day as the solution, and of course maneuver so as to be on top controlling things in the end.

  2. Well done, Mark. Hear, hear!

    This may not be exactly fitting, but it popped into my head when you said “The Trenches rocks on…” 😀

  3. You may or may not be correct about Jones. What I do know is his right to get information out there to the masses (assuming most people can make up their mind to believe or not) has been taken away from him. And weather or not you like him or not, you gotta love the right to free speech. So I’ll defend him and his right. What would you do if they (your isp) decided that you didn’t need that right either and bumped you off?

    1. What would we do?
      From the Trenches was the f#@king site that they built these algorithms around. And don’t you worry, the shill Alex Jones’ con-serv-ative propaganda will be getting out there hot and heavy, as sure as the lib’ral progressive propaganda.
      What is being removed from the internet is the truth and this whole production is being played out to cover the action. Just like the only people killed by the police are black folk, and that is what we should concentrate on. The truth is, it is American nationals of all colors, mostly white, simply because there are more white people, that are being murdered by the police state.
      Don’t worry, Alex Jones’ conservative view ain’t going anywhere. While you sheeple are engrossed in the soap opera, all the truth and documentation of the treachery that has been occurring in this country for the past twenty years is being erased from the net.
      If Infowars took the blows that From the Trenches has taken, it would be described as having been shut down. It’s those Arabs who are doing it, you know, not those dual Israeli Americans infiltrated into the deepest depth of what is supposed to be our government that have seen the internet we have created turned over to the communist Chinese by the direction of the ultra rich robber barons like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Alex Jones.
      The intelligent American figured out a long time ago that Alex Jones embraced that right paradigm of that left-right paradigm he preached against for fifteen years. He is nothing more than Rush Limbaugh’s mini-me, or considering that the gluttony both display, maybe maxi-me.
      When From the Trenches is being chopped to pieces and other websites that have dared to tell the truth about the Judeo-Christian betrayal of this country, Alex Jones I’m sure had a little smile on his face.
      Like I said, old Al ain’t going anywhere, he is one of the boys and no one here in the Trenches could care less for this orchestrated production of bullshit.

    2. Just because a person supports free speech doesn’t mean they have to support a disinfo agent like Jones. Why should i care about that lying sack of shit? That POS has spewed lies and crap for years and Henry hit the nail on the head. It’s all a show, and Jones will be back in some orchestrated “return”.

      1. “Just because a person supports free speech doesn’t mean they have to support a disinfo agent…”

        Oh yeah, nailed it.



    3. Pretty hard to add to what Henry has said here, Alex Jones is a phony personality bent on the cash, the man has banked millions of dollars, given to him by Hollywood celebrities, his billionaire Jew boyfriend, and what ever else he has earned from sales of his products, this alone is/was millions of dollars.

      Let me just say this, Alex Jones AKA . 50 cal Al (loves to buy $15000.00 rifles made by top gun shops) for nothing more than to show off with, has used circus barking in your face tactics to grow his show, never really addressing the real problem facing the American National, the destruction of our freedoms, freedoms that have been subverted by the establishment of illegally formed admiralty courts that have no distinction of what supposed to be formed by our constitution, the common law court.

      Never a word mentioned, why? Because his billionaire Jew boyfriend would cut him off at the knees if he went down that road.

      Alex Jones used to publish From The Trenches articles on his site 7 years ago, that came to a screeching halt once we started to question Alex Jones and his motives, it became clear to Henry in supersonic fashion, Alex wasn’t on the same page as us in questioning what the hell was going on with the illegal courts, and how this was allowing the traitors to manipulate the American National.

      If you want to go down that road, your clown face starts to become clearer by the second, and you will go down, one way or another. Alex Jones is intitled by our 1st amendment rights, on the same note, I’m allowed to drag this SOB out of the closet, as what he is doing is taking a page out of the Jerry Springer play book to grow his base, he had millions of followers.

      My words speak for themselves, gone from having my words posted on his site, to zero words posted on his site. That speaks volumes, his people who follow his site didn’t agree with Henry’s approach, so he felt the wrath that soon followed.

      What I mean by that is it became clear to Alex that following Henry’s narrative, wasn’t conducive to a healthy bank account.

      Enough said, my article is what it is, a real look at an assclown, and the fall of the circus tent.

  4. You’re correct, Mark….Henry is real….his broadcast is all I listen to now (since Spike passed)…..there is The Bill of Rights….everything else is spin……it is upon us to keep this site going and spread ‘the word’

    1. Same here mary, listen to none other, no need to. Yes, we need to continue to keep the site up, for us right now it’s difficult to spread money anywhere but on necessities for living, hopefully this will change sooner than later.

  5. Sun Tzu: “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.”

    So I do look at the opposition, the liars, cheaters, deceivers, gatekeepers, exploiters, etc. The awareness of their evil is what makes me fight harder. And they need to be caught in their strategies and contrivances, called out and exposed.

    Another old saying: “The cream will rise to the top.” And Henry certainly did/does, because integrity will not be compromised here. Speaks volumes of who he and Laura are. And Mark, thanks for saying it and showing it. These are no blind or flattering compliments we offer, but rather are expressions of appreciation and certainly relief, relief that someone can speak on The Bill of Rights with such clarity and such intelligence and such conviction. And the speaking points to SOLUTION!! And this heart inside me holds hope.


  6. I never believed in Alex Jones or his “Info-whores”. Henry has always been honest and forthright with all who come to the trenches, be it on the site or the broadcasts.

  7. alex zionist jones-stein is the straw man set up to provide a problem/reaction/solution to take down REAL truth. He has made his 10’s of millions shilling for the zionist propaganda machine. I don’t want him to just shut up and go away. I want him to be punished for everything he has done to assault US and real freedom. Not paytriot style freedom which is still what these commies will “allow”.

  8. Totally, totally, totally, Mark! There IS a reason Henry has never been harrassed by the tech oligarchs and their shills in the media and social platform dregs–because Henry’s gonna do what Henry’s gonna do, and f*** the rest of ’em. For support Henry relies on us Trenchers, and he needs no one’s permission to speak the truth and defend the Bill of Rights for all of us. And because Henry and Laura are blessed (regardless of how Henry feels about “religion”) and will continue to be blessed.

    What folks who deal with media need to realize is it isn’t the support of tech oligarchs, folks of “independent means” and others that one must suck up to for to survive and keep on keeping on, as AJ sucks up to his masters as controlled opposition. It is doing what Henry does, on his own shoestring budget, that spreads the truth. I should know…my OmegaBooks has operated on a shoestring or less budget since 1996 (see ads on right side) and has more free ebook downloads from this site and others than I ever thought possible in a couple of months.

    Truth speakers and truth seekers will ALWAYS be blessed, religious or not!

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