Google Has Reportedly Built Another Mystery Barge — This One Is Floating Off The Coast Of Maine

Google barge tugboat PortlandBusiness Insider – by JIM EDWARDS

This is a picture of what is allegedly another Google shipping-container barge being towed into port off the coast of New England. It was taken by the Portland Tugboat company, and posted Facebook with the caption “ROWAN towing the ‘mystery barge’. Entering Portland harbor.”

We recently told you about the mysterious barge Google built which floats in San Francisco Bay. It is surrounded by secrecy, and is either a floating data center or a marketing stunt for Google Glass, depending on which rumor you prefer.  

Now another one has appeared, and this one is off the Eastern Coast of the U.S., in Portland, Maine.

“They’re building on both coasts,” said a source familiar with the Google project.

Google has us surrounded!

The Portland barge is four stories tall, probably cost $10 million to build, and was towed into the harbor from New London, Conn., (a shipbuilding center) on Oct. 11, according to the Press Herald. ComputerWorld reports that the Google barges are not a threat:

“We know what’s inside,” said a Portland Coast Guard station spokesman. “We know it’s not a threat to public safety here in Portland. It’s following all regulations.”

Rob Enderle, an analyst at Enderle Group, believes the barges are offshore data centers which use water for cooling and perhaps waves for energy. They can be moved around as local resources, when required.

It’s not clear, however, how those cooling/energy advantages might offset the disadvantages of floating on a ship in salt water.

Stay tuned!

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6 thoughts on “Google Has Reportedly Built Another Mystery Barge — This One Is Floating Off The Coast Of Maine

  1. This may seem like an innocent story but I have a feeling this could be tied to something with the possibility of the power going out and still being able to run the internet at sea. Pay attention because it’s these stories that seem like little things now but can turn into very important signs we missed later.

    1. You mean like an “alternate” Internet established by the UN and BRIC countries to combat the NSA? Nooo…that can’t be possible, can it? I think so!

  2. Check his-
    “They march you up the steel ramp into the cold metal tube of the floating cyber prison. The harsh metal box and the thin vertical prison windows allow you to glimpse your last image of freedom. You are fitted with your retinal leash (Glass) and plugged into the matrix. You are now their tool forever, to be deployed to spy on the others who are not yet assimilated.”

    Picket these tax evasion, rent evasion, Google Barge spy citadels!

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