Govt Theft & Regulation Endangering Animals

Published on Nov 18, 2013 by george4title

I talked to a ranch owner about government regulation and outright theft do to overreaching use of loss by government authoritieA.D. and in many cases leading to the depopulation and extinction of animals when the government gets involved and wipes out the free market in regards to animals then extinction and scarcity soon develop but when animals are hunted raised to traded in the free market and eaten there’s and economic incentive to keep your nose animals around so if you’d like to save animals the best thing you can do is provide an economic incentive for people to raise them hunt them and eat them

2 thoughts on “Govt Theft & Regulation Endangering Animals

    1. Mike
      I anything in this country is ever going to get better it will never happen in a Kangaroo Court of LAW! What the PTB have done it seems is prepare to open season on us because we have listen to this peaceful resistance BS for far to long! Prepare for the inevitable because its sure as hell coming.

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