8 thoughts on “Greece is NOT Playing Games! Riot Police Get PUMMELED w/ Large Rocks by Crowd

  1. I’m not too sure if this is Greece as the word puta was used. Nonetheless, guts were in great display whoever they were!

    1. Three things though…
      Greece is full of “refugees”
      That flag makes me think communist party.
      At about 1:10 the “cop” to the left. His shield is apparently not high impact as it seems to be busting to bits. :0

    2. Yeah my initial reaction was the same as Jamal’s as I love to see pepper-spraying cops in riot gear get their asses absolutely handed to them! However, without any clearly identifiable things in the video or further info this could be a completely different scenario to what it appears to be so it pays to always be a little cautious until you know the facts.

  2. In America the pigs will NOT survive such a pummelling, as the incoming will be bullets instead of rocks ……

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