8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jeff! Love Delhea

  1. Happy Birthday, Jeff!! I will raise my glass to you and your family as I stream through the treasure-trove of music posted here in your memory and to bless us all.


    1. Get outta my head, Mark. I looked at the picture before the title had time to process and knew he has a good face. Always did and always will, as he’s vouched for by by good folks

      Slainte, Zum Wohl and cheers to Jeffrey Allen Shivley!

      Henry, your music looks like my pandora music. No frank sinatra, but hey, I love you, Brother.

  2. Blessings and will send “something” to the family soon (I live a ways from the local PO). I have the address.

  3. Jeff looks like a super nice guy, you can just tell in his humble and loving countenance. I truly feel your loss Delhea, though not ever as you and his family do.
    Happy birthday Jeff, fellow rocker, “rock and roll will never die”. See you soon bro…that would be real heaven!

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