37 thoughts on “Happy New Year Trenchers from flee.

    1. This will also be my last time getting my balls busted from the trenches for 2015.ha ha. Stop it..ur killing me…rough crowd.

      1. You are most correct Flee, your nads need roasted not smashed, that looks cold but not colder than the shaft that has been applied to our Republic. Now that i know i have a Trencher relatively close, my confidence swells beyond my ability, yet rest ashured my brother my ego will not faulter when all is for not!
        10 beers\ 1 shot. ….. Still Walking!




    1. Damn Mark, you live in LV we have never met?, We Must do shots at the “Do drop Inn” or we shoot at whatever we don’t approve of!
      11beers/1 shot and a short quiz in addition.

  1. Hi Flee,

    Happy New Year brother!,..

    By the way,… why are you living under such crowded conditions??!!! (hahahahaha…..)

    What end of the earth are you living at?

    JD – US Marines – Now that is what I call,.. “getting off the beaten path!”


    1. Damn flee, you are off the grid as you can get, i like the seclusion and all but where are the tree’s? I hope you stalked up on food for 5 months.
      7 beers/2 finger shot of Crown Royal

      1. Wade, it must be the 7 beers and the 2 shots that’s hindering your ability to see flee’s tree.

        It is on the right, snow covered mountain, or is that a bush?

        1. It’s the Crown Royal Katie, i myself thought was an M.R.A.P disguised as lincoln towncar.
          9 beers/2 Finger shot of Crown Royal.
          Oh God….security questions are starting to look like calculus! ……i will make it!

    2. Palisades, NV. You can google earth it. It will take you to the ghost town. If you scroll up about three miles before I-80.
      You’ll see a white spot carved into the side of the mountain that looks like a sphinx with a hawks beak. Although they haven’t updated the current work. That would be me.
      Now you know where to find my frozen stiff.
      Ha ha I

      1. I think I spotted your place on Google Earth.
        It’s beautiful.
        I drive up through Tonapah, Austin, Battle Mountain, Winnemucca on up to Denio and then west to Lakeview OR and on to visit my parents in Medford OR at least twice a year. It looks to go by about an hour west of your place.
        I couldn’t drive a few weeks ago because of the snow and cold that showed no sign of abating. Dad was in the hospital and I didn’t want to chain up for all the passes. After seeing Henry’s pics of Chiloquin I think I chose wisely.
        I really love the deserts of NW Nevada. I’ve stopped in the middle of the road taking pictures with nobody coming down the highway.

  2. I’m going to have a shot of hand sanitizer and chase it with listerine.
    Guess I didn’t prep for New years eve…
    Did you know that your smartphone will ring with a notice telling you your battery is to cold to charge it up?
    Found that out yesterday morning at 4:30 a.m. I looked up at the thermometer and it was 18 inside and 6 outside. Now I know my smart phone will save me from freezing to death. Well at least if I remember to plug it in before I bundle up for the night. 🙂

    1. It’s 30 – 40 degrees colder here than I’ve been used to for decades.

      Good thing I brought lots of warm clothes (some that were TOO warm to wear in L.A. most of the time).

      Got thermals, too. 🙂

      1. A little “nippley” in the Northwest woods today? It was “ballshrinking” here on the Chippewa with the wind chill. There were still warm places to find if a guy knew where to look and how to broach the subject.

        1. Today, now yesterday, I took a picture of Sunflowers, Roses, and Irises blooming and budding in the garden behind the Jefferson St. Library (use to be the Women’s House of Detention) here in the W. Village. Very unusually warm winter here… I’m sure it will change, just not sure when…probably a blizzard at Easter. LOL

  3. Hey Flee, this looks like a outpost at the South Pole!! Happy New Year. Oh way the way it 85 hear w/75 Humidity St. Pete, FL.

  4. YIKES!!! Geez Louise!!! That looks COLD!!! WOW!!!
    I’ve always heard that if you can make it in NY, you can make it anywhere… I’d say you got that you’ve got that Beat. LOL 😉
    Happy New Year, flee!!! Keep that fire going.

  5. when the latest oil boom started up here there were thousands of sights just like this everywhere and many still years later i stayed in one several years digging beets in the valley when it wasnt even that cold out yet hard to keep warm couldnt wait to get back into the tractor best have lots of that liquid heat to drink

  6. Flee, I don’t know how you do it. I’ve been camping in subfreezing weather in Colorado and wouldn’t do it again.

    You have some really nice hills at your homestead, perfect for building a modified earthship (http://earthship.com/), digging into a south-facing side of one of those hills instead of tamping and stacking tires and dirt.

    Keep yourself warm, and wishing you a prosperous new year.

    1. Thanks… it’s not easy. I believe that what I’m doing is part of the Great work. That would be to… leave this world a better place than we found it. It is one of our soul virtues. I/we ask ourselves through life.

      Why am I here ?

      Where do I come from ?

      What is my purpose ?

      I’ve answered #3 above.

      Remember Truth never goes out of style. It’s not a fad or gimmick. Once awakened truth becomes a hunger… an addiction almost a juggernaut and an epicenter of our soul energy.
      Once this starts there is no turning back.
      This is what they fear. Yet you will be carrying the cross of truth. You will have the burden of the knowledge of “Natural Law”. This is what the Bill of Rights is all about. Look up natural law and you’ll find that is what this country was founded on. The creator’s law. Outside of that is pure evil.
      Anyway. .. I want a fatburger and steak fries…:) NJoy.

  7. Wow! That’s some picture. Nice. Looks peaceful and beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Flee!

    Happy Belated New Year!

  8. I was hoping that the one single ray from the sun in the picture would bless you all. That would be the Sun/Son of God/ the creator God not the god of this earth. Thx….

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