Have You Ever Heard of Dry Skin Brushing?

Nutritional Anarchy – by Melissa Melton

This isn’t new; in fact, the practice is hundreds of years old apparently… but it was new to me.

My mom actually told me about this a month or two ago. I got a brush and a little booklet about it, but I haven’t honestly remembered to do it every day for long enough to write a full review for Nutritional Anarchy. However, now that we’re juice fasting, I thought I would make a quick video on it, the logic behind why it works, and how to do it for others who might be interested.

The Logic Behind Why This Works

To put it simply, your skin is the largest organ on your body. It’s also an organ of elimination, and a third of your body’s toxic load is excreted through it. Dry brushing works to unclog pores and rid you of dead skin cells faster, and that’s just for starters. Makes sense if you think about it. And dry brushing also just feels really nice. My skin feels all tingly and awesome for quite awhile afterward too, as if something is actually happening there.

How to Dry Skin Brush

So, to dry brush, you start with a long-handled, natural body brush like this onewhich you can get at any natural grocery store (Maybe Walgreens or Target would even have a cheap natural bristle brush? Just make sure you aren’t using a bunch of synthetic petrochemical plastic crap.)

Then, brush in hand, you want to stand in the tub or shower and use long strokes all over your body starting at your feet, making sure to stroke several times over each spot. The long handle will help you reach everything. The key is making sure you always stroke the brush toward your heart. My booklet reminded me to do it under my arms as well because the lymph nodes there will also benefit.

Doing it before bathing is the best time because then you can wash off all the dead skin and bounce around all glowy like a fairy afterward (well, okay, it’s up to you if you choose to do that last part). Mind Body Green‘s Olivia Jenkins says she likes to alternate between hot and cold water when she’s washing off the dead skin to further stimulate circulation, then pat a little essential oil on her skin after she gets done bathing. Because it aids with detox, it’s also a good idea to hydrate afterwards with purified water.

You’re supposed to do it all over your body at least once daily (some sites say twice a day) to really see the benefits, and wash the brush out with soap and let it air dry once a month or so. Results can be seen after just one session, but after a month there’s supposed to be a marked, noticeable difference.

And What Are the Benefits?

According to the little booklet that came with my brush, the benefits include improved circulation, lymphatic system stimulation which aids in detoxing, unclogging pores and smoothing cellulite thus making your skin all glowy and soft, and it also apparently releases endorphins!

I’ll do another review once I’ve had a chance to really do this for a solid month or so, but so far, I’m a fan.



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