Here We Go… Google-YouTube to Remove THOUSANDS of Offensive Accounts — Conservatives to be Hit the Hardest

Gateway Pundit – by Jim Hoft

In 2019 The Gateway Pundit was more accurate in reporting the top stories than the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and the rest of the liberal mainstream media.

In the top stories of the year:
** The Covington Catholic School Boys Media Assault
** The Jussie Smollett fake hate crime
** The Trump-Russia Collusion hoax 

The Gateway Pundit was 100% correct in our instincts and in our reporting.
The far left mainstream media fell short with their bias and lies.

In 2017, following the presidential election in November 2016, both the “Harvard Berkman Klein Center studyand the Columbia Journalism Review study ranked The Gateway Pundit as the fourth most influential conservative publisher of the 2016 election.

Since then The Gateway Pundit has been censored or eliminated by the tech giants and far left social media platforms.

FACEBOOK— In March of 2018 Facebook shut down our content. Facebook has targeted and ELIMINATED conservative content since the 2016 election. Over 2 billion conservative page views were deleted from top conservative websites since 2016.  In 2016 Facebook accounted for one-third of the traffic at The Gateway Pundit. Today Facebook accounts for only 2-4 percent of our traffic.

This influence map below by Columbia Journalism Review shows the top influencers during the 2016 election.

And here is that same map showing the conservative publishers who have been targeted by Facebook since 2017.

In September 2018 The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft testified before Congress on the criminal actions by Facebook to eliminate conservative voices.

The Gateway Pundit witnessed the same censorship from Amazon (advertising), Twitter shadow-banning, Wikipedia smears and deletions, Reddit, Pintarest and Google.

On Tuesday The Daily Caller reported that they have obtained documents that show how Google is manipulating search their search results to censor and eliminate traffic to top conservative websites including The Gateway Pundit,  Matt Walsh’s blog, Gary North’s blog “,” Caroline Glick’s website, Conservative Tribune, a property of The Western Journal and the website of the American Spectator.

The Daily Caller now has proof that The Gateway Pundit is being censored by Google LLC.

This is not surprise to us here at The Gateway Pundit.  It is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to find our stories on Google and if your “Google” our website you will typically have to wade through 6-10 hit pieces before you even get to a link to The Gateway Pundit website.

According to the documents obtained by The Daily Caller:

“The purpose of the blacklist will be to bar the sites from surfacing in any Search feature or news product. It will not cause a demotion in the organic search results or de-index them altogether,” reads the policy document obtained by the Caller. What that means is that targeted sites will not be removed from the “ten blue links” portion of search results, but the blacklist applies to most of the other search features, like “top news,” “videos” or the various sidebars that are returned as search results.

Google officials have lied to Congress about their deceptive practices. This information published today by The Daily Caller opens up the company to lawsuits.

The fact that Google eliminates links to the 4th most influential conservative website and several other top conservative websites is immoral and most likely criminal.

Google-YouTube announced today they will eliminate thousands of offensive accounts.
This is likely code for “conservative” content.

After all, this is the same company that censors Trump ads.

Once again the Republican party will sit back and bite their fingernails as tech giants continue their jihad against free speech.

Google says they will eliminate those pushing “extreme views.” It will be interesting to see who makes the cut.
This is clearly against US free speech laws.

Gateway Pundit

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