Toronto Muslim Supports Executing Gays: ‘That’s Sharia Law and It’s Coming to Canada’

Gateway Pundit – by Christina Laila

A Toronto Muslim told a Rebel Media reporter over the weekend that he supports executing homosexuals because he adheres to Sharia law.

Al Quds Day protester in Toronto on June 1 advocates that Canada should be ruled by Sharia law, Rebel Media reported. 

This interview took place during Al Quds Day in Toronto, while is a yearly rally held around the world pushing the belief that Jerusalem belongs to Islam, not the Israelis. And with that belief comes people like our Muslim friend here advocating for replacing Canada’s legal system as well as violent antisemitism.

He also confessed to me that he intentionally didn’t say the Oath of Citizenship properly when he became a Canadian citizen. Oh, and there’s a LOT more — we had a long conversation.

The Muslim then bragged that Islam and Sharia law will eventually take over Canada because Muslims are the only ones reproducing.

“What are you going to do when there’s a Muslim majority?” the Muslim man asked the Rebel Media reporter. “You can’t stop Sharia law…It’s coming to Canada,” the man said.

“[A gay couple] would be executed in [Gaza] according to Islamic law. Islam doesn’t endorse gays — Islam doesn’t endorse homosexuality,” the Muslim protester said.

At least this Muslim man was honest about the Muslim migrants’ plans to reproduce and impose Sharia law in their host country.

And the left’s unholy alliance with Islam continues. This must be the “diversity is our strength” Trudeau was talking about.

WATCH (video via Rebel Media):

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