Hispanic Sickout Protests in Alabama

Hispanic businesses in Alabama staged a so called “Sickout” protest last week in an effort to punish the people of Alabama for daring to pass laws designed to stop the illegal invasion of their state.  Evidently Hispanics called in sick for work and Hispanic businesses shut down for the day.  This is proof positive that the invasion of the illegal immigrants is an organized insurgency supported by the Hispanic 5th columns here and the Hispanic insurgents who have infiltrated our government.

Our response should be swift and decisive.  All Hispanic businesses supporting the illegal invasion of the State of Alabama should have their business licenses pulled.  The other businesses depending on Hispanic labor should require verified doctor’s notes and all who cannot produce them should be fired.

These acts being perpetrated by these so called Hispanic Americans represent acts of treason against the Republic, the constitution, and the people of the United States.  Look at the situation on its face.  These so called Hispanic Americans are telling us that we will submit to the insurgency or they will use the power base they have built through the insurgency to make economic war upon us.  They all should be arrested and tried for treason.  And when they are found guilty, they should have their citizenship revoked and be deported to the countries from whence they came.

Every time they try to push us we should redouble our efforts and push back, because if we do not we are going to be literally overrun.  Our enemies have already accomplished their insurgency to the point that many politicians are bowing to the power base they have established through their treachery.

It is said $60 billion would be required to deport every illegal alien.  I say do it and do it now, as the longer we wait the more it is going to cost.  We are either going to stop the illegal invasion or submit to it, and if we submit to it, it is a certainty that we will be submitting to becoming a third world nation with a peasant population being ruled by a handful of elitist families.

This is exactly the situation in Mexico and if we allow Mexico to be brought to the United States it will be the situation here.

We often hang our heads in shame as it is portrayed that our great nation saw defeat in Korea and Viet Nam.  Ask yourself what we have been reduced to if the pathetic country of Mexico ends up conquering our homeland.  We must become indignant to the point of viciousness in stopping this invasion forthwith.  If not for ourselves, for our children and grandchildren, we must stand together and fight now.

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  1. Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro probably sent out a boiler plate memo telling them to shut their doors.

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