Obama Invades Uganda – Why?

Our glorious Nobel Peace Prize winning President has now ordered an invasion into Uganda, sending 100 troops to be followed by equipment and more troops.  As we all know our government is operating under the orders of the corporate elite.  Many have begun the process of ascertaining the true intent of the invasion.

In a letter to Congress, Obama justified his dictated invasion as yet again another military action for the purpose of stopping an evil foreign leader, Lord’s Resistance Army’s Joseph Kony.

Children in Somalia are starving to death by the hundreds of thousands and this undeniable tragedy goes unnoticed.  Also in Somalia, rape, kidnap, and murder being committed by the warlords there is common place.  So why all of the sudden has the plight of the people of Uganda become a problem that must be solved through US military intervention?

Uganda is a very violent place and atrocity is a way of life.  But as previously noted the violence in Uganda is in no way unique, which leaves open to speculation as to why we are really sending troops and equipment there.

Though Uganda’s people live in deprivation the country itself is rich in resource and no doubt control of those resources should be considered as a possible incentive for gaining corporate control over the region.  But today I will put forth another theory.

It is being said that troops are being sent to Uganda with “appropriate combat equipment” and the number of troops is said to be at 100.  Now this situation is completely different from Libya.  We are not going after the Taliban terrorists here, in fact it isn’t really clear what we are doing in Uganda and I noticed the story disappeared almost as fast as it broke.  When we are kept in the dark in reference to military activities we can only speculate.  So here is some speculation.

If plans were in the works for a ground invasion in Iran and in considering the current political atmosphere in our country, how would the war pigs proceed?  A ground invasion requires troops and equipment.  Troops can be moved fairly quickly and considering the fact that we have three wars going on in the Middle East and Northern Africa, troops could be moved about without much notice.  Equipment is another story.

We have seen here in the United States a lot of equipment being moved by rail and we have been wondering where its final destination will be.  If we started sending this equipment to Saudi Arabia or Israel it might start looking like we were preparing for a ground invasion into Iran.  But what if we snuck the equipment into Africa under the guise of a policing action in Uganda?

As I said earlier, I saw there was sparse reporting on this Ugandan action and then everything quieted down.  Shouldn’t we be seeing at least a few politicians addressing the issue of the policing action and its cost in troops and equipment, as every dollar being spent in Washington DC these days is falling under close scrutiny?

I think we had better keep our eyes on this Ugandan policing action.  The bottom line is it is not so much looking for a sneak attack on Iran, but more appropriately a sneak attack on we the people.  I mean if we saw a buildup in Saudi Arabia or Israel, the people might deduce that the international banking elite might be preparing for the final conquest of the Middle East for the Israeli empire, and we the people might actually stand up in defiance to a third world war.

If you look at it closely, again considering the political climate in the United States, an overnight sneak attack might be the only way these dirt bags can institute a war that is bound to insure the complete destruction of our country’s economy.

We must stay vigilant and expect the worst from these diabolical war mongers, who unquestionably are in control of our government and hence our armed forces.

God help us to be vigilant.

4 thoughts on “Obama Invades Uganda – Why?

  1. hello everybody im back. reading this story we have millions of are own people and children starving that whole continent is fucked up the only beauty there is the animals and the jungles that race of neanderthals are still running around with no clothes and spears they refuse to grow with the rest of the world all they do is f–k and make more mouths to feed and they cant feed themselves i dont get it instead of sending food they should send crates of condoms and instructional manuals there thought process is beyond barbaric america is a joke hate to say it all the protesting in new york and everywhere else is going to do nothing are goverment doesn’t care abought nobody unless there something in it for them

    1. brian sargeant,
      You do understand that the IMF is stealing 99% of the wealth in Africa at present and they want those people to stay primitive as they do not fear people with spears as they do people with guns.
      We may have to take the international elite to task, but I promise you if things turn violent there will be something in it for them and that is to get to live a little bit longer….maybe.

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