7 thoughts on “Hospital Holds Woman Hostage For Refusing Coronavirus Test!

  1. Mary had posted the detailed version of this earlier (thank you, Mary) but I hadn’t the time to watch the whole vid. When I saw this summary vid it was almost like I couldn’t breathe. I felt it was myself locked in behind those doors and in the clutches of medical Frankenstein clones and Blackwater monsters. I hope all involved with that particular incident of gross tyranny, very soon get taken to hell, ninth circle.


    1. For your organs (big business in China), for DNA specific bioweapons, etc.
      I can’t think of one good reason

  2. my brother works in a hospital in NC and he said they give out “grief packets” to the deceased family because people aren’t ALLOWED to be with dying loved ones.. what I want to know is Why aren’t the emergency rooms full of doctors with busted fukin noses!!?? I pray to god nothing happens to my mother.. I WILL be on CNN that night!! I’ll be one of their new things to call us.. a DVE Domestic Violent Extremist!!

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