Silver bullion orders halted before market open, rumors of $1000 per ounce silver swirl


Rumors of $1000 an ounce silver have been swirling on the Internet over the weekend as bullion suppliers halt sales ahead of the Sunday evening market open in anticipation of a squeeze.

“Unprecedented investor interest in silver has continued through the weekend, spilling into the physical market with many bullion dealers unable to keep up with the demand,” Kitco reports. “After creating massive short-squeezes in stocks like Gamestop, Blackberry, and AMC, retail investors mobilized over social media started to focus on the silver market. Reddit’s Wall Street Bets has been one of the leaders of the organized mob with its subreddit discussion: ‘The biggest short squeeze in the world $SLV Silver $25 to 1000$.’”

“The mobilization of retail investors in the silver market has created an impressive move for the precious metal. March silver futurse prices ended Friday around $27 an ounce, for a nearly 6%,” the report reads. “In anticipation of a massive open Sunday evening, retail investors have been busy buying physical bullion over the weekend. Many bullion dealers have had to stop processing online orders because of the unprecedented demand, in the face of price uncertainty.”


11 thoughts on “Silver bullion orders halted before market open, rumors of $1000 per ounce silver swirl

  1. Having limited understanding of the money universe I was glad when Henry and JD broke it down a bit for clarification on the last broadcast. Now witnessing the consequences of “the squeeze” I’m left scratching my head as to how they could get away with selling what they just didn’t have. Kinda like the derivatives scheme from a few years back. Is it all speculation? Reminded me of a play I once saw called “Art.” Theater of the absurd, wherein an art dealer sells a large blank white canvas for millions of dollars, with critics hailing its subtlety and balance. It was like they could get you to believe ANYTHING. But in this case, some did in fact make money and some MULTI-billionaires became just ORDINARY billionaires. And now silver is not easily available. Forgive these meanderings. I’m scrambling to understand and coming up short (accidental pun). Scams have so many levels.


    1. when you no longer can access your money from your credit card or your bank card, thats when you need to sweat, right now we are still good.

      Your bank could pull the plug any day now, might be a good idea to have a chunk of cash laying around Galen.

      Yeah, I know what your thinking, CASH? GOT ANY BETTER IDEAS??

      Yes, guns and bullets yes, food yes, when this breaks its going to be out of the blue, zero warnings.

      Gold or Silver only a higher power knows.

      Always have full tanks of gas and blah, blah, blah, I know you know…

      1. Don’t they know they are hanging themselves? I mean, they must understand the masses will turn on them, from the toughest most independent patriot, right down to their most faithful servants. There seems to be something else brewing beyond the usual inflaming of our passions. If we starve, they die.

        How weird to have the cure for all this, The Bill of Rights, ever sitting right in front of us, and seeing it suppressed/hidden. But it’s bustin’ out. Seepin’ in, around every corner. There is no other medicine. That’s all we have to assert. It covers everything, from mad money matters to mad medicine. I feel it getting closer. We are entering the century of The Bill of Rights. Scammers will be hung.


    2. So off went the Emperor in procession under his splendid canopy. Everyone in the streets and the windows said, “Oh, how fine are the Emperor’s new clothes! Don’t they fit him to perfection? And see his long train!” Nobody would confess that he couldn’t see anything, for that would prove him either unfit for his position, or a fool. No costume the Emperor had worn before was ever such a complete success.

      “But he hasn’t got anything on,” a little child said.

      “Did you ever hear such innocent prattle?” said its father. And one person whispered to another what the child had said, “He hasn’t anything on. A child says he hasn’t anything on.”

      “But he hasn’t got anything on!” the whole town cried out at last.

      The Emperor shivered, for he suspected they were right. But he thought, “This procession has got to go on.” So he walked more proudly than ever, as his noblemen held high the train that wasn’t there at all.

        1. he’s a J O O.. all them Schiffs are. that one.. Peter.. is on the news all the time.. meaning he’s ALLOWED to say the things he says. not saying don’t.. just be aware. his dad Irwin died in prison over not paying taxes. believing the “courts” would fix it.. so good on him for standing on principal but they’re still in “the club”. they’re part of the 1pct

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