How Mistaken Are Online Commentators On Syria?

Published on May 9, 2018The easiest way to totally blow apart the fake, bought and paid for Russian narrative on Syria is to recognize that Israel, Russia and China are working closely together on OBOR – One Belt One Road – project. Now called BRI – Belt and Road Initiative.

Anywhere $750 billion and $1.2 Trillion is to be spent linking road, rail and water transport routes along the Eurasian landmass all the way from Beijing to Moscow to Berlin to the Channel coast and Beijing through South East Asia to the Mediterranean coast via…Israel.

*Israel is supplying the high technology.*…

*Jewish Power Israel & Russia*…

The multi billion dollar contracts are endless, from oil and gas to medical nanotechnology to military technology to new stealth features Israel is handing over to Russia as we speak, after delivery of the F35 to Israel – where all the Israeli technicians are Russians.

*Jewish Power Israel & China*… This one hour video gives an excellent over view.

*Israeli Drones World Wide*…

*Israel’s Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program*…

The documentary evidence of deep Israeli, Russian and Chinese collusion on re-shaping the Middle East is self evident and the Russian/Israeli Jewish “bot” online network is a MASS of disinformation bordering on the ridiculous. But the online commentator personalities cannot wait to lap up the Russian Israeli narrative and parrot it non stop. More than the ongoing tragedy of the Middle East mass murder and ethnic cleansing since 1991 and beyond, is the absolute incredible propaganda effort expended by Israel via its puppets Trump and Putin. Its the same old Iran Contra crew – drug dealing, drug money laundering, weapons trading. And finally, we have dis-info drivel like this –

***Opinion Israel Will Bitterly Regret Bibi’s Bad Bet on Putin*** As he meets the Russian president yet again in the wake of Trump’s Iran deal exit and escalating tensions over Iran in Syria, Israel must confront the truth: Netanyahu’s policy of kowtowing to Moscow isn’t working….

As if Bi Bi is “kowtowing” to Putt’y, Bi Bi’s bitch. Putin will sell his aged Grandmother for some F35 tech. 200 Russian soldiers playing mercenary were “slaughtered” by US air and ground technology. What did Putin do? A BIG FAT…nothing. Russians are embarrassed by this humiliation.…

3 thoughts on “How Mistaken Are Online Commentators On Syria?

  1. Sounds like they’re building an economic infrastructure that excludes the U.S., except for the fact that we’re probably paying for it in “aid” packages.

    And of course, all roads lead to Israel.

    As for the online commentators; They weren’t “mistaken”. Their job is to deceive you.

  2. The first casualty of war is the truth. Some people can lie brilliantly with poker faces and no guilt what so ever. Some lies can be good…but conscientiously usually not.

  3. Oh man, I love how he goes after Putin!! This, when so many are elevating Putin to savior status.

    This vid made so much sense to me. My friend wrote me that’s it’s not just about the Yinon Plan for “Greater Israel.” It’s on taking over the whole world. Most here know that already, but I think it’s good to keep pointing it out. We’re seeing the take, one country at a time, even in seemingly low-impact little countries. No place isn’t being infiltrated.

    I had wondered about Assad. Last hold out? O’Connell doesn’t seem to think so. Says he’s connected. I guess we’ll know more if Assad manages to stay alive or will he go the way of Sadaam and Gaddafi.

    What times!! May we all grow braver and act on that bravery.


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