Hungary passes law allowing govt to use army in asylum seeker crisis


The Hungarian parliament has passed a law authorizing the government to deploy the military to help handle the asylum seeker crisis in the country, which includes powers to use non-lethal force.

According to the law, the army would be allowed to use rubber bullets, pyrotechnical devices, tear gas grenades or net guns, the parliament’s website said.  

The legislation passed with 151 votes in the 199-member parliament, with 12 against and 27 abstentions.

The ruling center right Fidesz party of Prime Minister Viktor Orban was supported in the vote by radical nationalist Jobbik party, which previously sought even tougher measures.

On Saturday, Hungary completed construction of a 41-kilometer fence on its border with Croatia, which is the source of the refugee and migrants flow.

Budapest also accused Zagreb of violating Hungarian sovereignty after Croatia allowed a train carrying a thousand asylum seekers into the country.

Europe has been facing an ever-toughening crisis since the spring. Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan have fled their homes in search of better security and life prospects.

The migrants and refugees are using Eastern European countries, such as Hungary, Serbia and Croatia, as transit routes to Germany, with local authorities having serious problems processing the deluge of people.

All in all, over 300,000 asylum seekers have crossed the Mediterranean Sea since the beginning of the year, according to the UN, with the figures expected to reach over 850,000 people in 2016.

3 thoughts on “Hungary passes law allowing govt to use army in asylum seeker crisis

  1. And what do we Americans do? We invite illegal immigrants…..WHOOPS! I mean, “Refugees” (Gotta be politically correct here. 😉 ) in on trains, buses and charter planes with DHS and military escorts. How nice.

  2. “There is a war coming in Europe,” he said. “Do you really think this matters?” – putin advisor concerning yukos ruling.


    Consider: To keep the immigrants out, hungary will need to secede from the EU. Why?, because Germany and other western EU countries will rubber stamp EU id cards and EU passports for the immigrants giving them free travel access to all of the EU.

    This EU immigration is all by design. From what I gather, nudelman was on tour of the countries that were to be used in this land corridor. I suspect hungary rebelled and went ‘off-script’ add to
    jobbik being very much informed and against the ‘jews’, I see regime-change in hungary’s future….

    And the financial war is beginning as germany has threatened to turn off EU funding to non-compliant nations. This of course will cripple eastern europe as they can’t function without it.


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