Illegal Aliens Stealing Your Children’s Identity

A recent MSNBC special depicted American children having their identification stolen, some literally from birth.  One couple interviewed said nothing could be done about the problem, as they had been told by law enforcement that they did not have the time to find and punish the perpetrators.  MSNBC went on to find the man who had stolen the couple’s daughter’s identification within two days.  This man had run up a quarter to a half of million dollars in debt in the little girl’s name through making home loans.

So who are these people and how, or better yet why, are they getting away with this?  Well it all became clear when MSNBC went to interview a couple of them.  They spoke English so poorly that they could not be clearly understood.  So MSNBC brought in an interpreter to speak to them in their native tongue, Spanish.  Once one of the thieves got the gist of the inquiry, he went and got into his brand new pickup truck and drove away, saying in broken English that he was going to contact his lawyer.

No American citizen could get away with this.  In fact the American citizens cannot even prosecute these foreigners for literally stealing millions from their children.  If you think the traitors in our government have not taken a position that says they will aid the invaders from the south in taking everything we have, you are the worst kind of fool.  Let us be clear.  The aforementioned in going on simultaneously as Mexicans who have infiltrated our government to the highest levels are pushing for mass amnesty.  I guess then maybe the Mexicans can steal with their own social security numbers.

In many states a police officer who stops an illegal who is drunk behind the wheel, is made to let them go because that is the policy of the states and the police departments.  Every law abiding citizen in this country is being forced to stand to while allowing illegal Mexicans to spit right in their faces.  If you even say, “Stop spitting in my face, Mexican” you are labeled as a racist.  If the Mexican continues to spit in your face and you physically lash out, you have just committed a hate crime, which is a felony that carries a five year sentence.  And I promise you there will be plenty of law enforcement with plenty of time to prosecute you.

If we do not stand up for ourselves and do it soon, we are going to be literally overrun.  Every person reading this article needs to call their representative and demand that the illegal invasion be stopped immediately and every illegal returned to their home country, except of course those who are committing crimes against the American people, right out in the open with complete immunity.  These people need to be put in our prisons to take the place of the hundreds of thousands serving time for victimless crimes, like drug use.

10 thoughts on “Illegal Aliens Stealing Your Children’s Identity

  1. Rachel,
    I quote from your article:

    “Once one of the gentlemen got the gist of the inquiry, he went and got into his brand new pickup truck and drove away, saying in broken English that he was going to contact his lawyer.”

    Seeing how well you describe the appalling events and conditions referred to in your article leaves me wondering why you chose the adjective “gentleman” to use in place of the more appropriate “individual”?

    I’ve noticed that the mainstream media has become inexplicably enthralled with this word over the past few years and it is now becoming another slaughtered word lying dead on the PC battlefield. I would not have expected to see a writer in this arena use it this way.

    I am compelled to submit the following from Wikipedia in hopes of re-educating whomever I can at least with regard to the meaning of this word the liberal misuse of which is really disgusting to an ear connected to a still functioning mind and therefore sensitive to the meanings of words:

       [jen-tl-muhn] Show IPA
    –noun, plural -men.
    a man of good family, breeding, or social position.
    (used as a polite term) a man: Do you know that gentleman over there?
    gentlemen, (used as a form of address): Gentlemen, please come this way.

    We have also the neutral word “individual” when we are speaking of someone obviously undeserving of any adjective carrying positive connotation.

    Hope that helps develop your technical writing skills. The rest of your article is superb. Thank you for making the plight of the law abiding American citizen (the ladies and gentlemen) under the new tyranny so clear but, please, I beg you….do not refer to this type of subhuman criminal as a gentleman ever again unless quotation marks are used.

    Thank you.

    1. Brian, The use of the word “gentlemen” was a futile attempt at sarcasm, however I do not want to be misunderstood when it comes to my contempt for the situation. Therefore the article has been corrected. Thank you for bringing your interpretation to my attention.

      1. Rachel,

        Thank you! I am not able to do anything but feel nausea and disgusted contempt when the media robots use this word to refer to a rapist, child molester, serial killer etc. but at last I was able to put one grain of sand into the bucket for the preservation of at least one word under attack by the mush-minded media!

        Again….great article! Hate crime indeed! If we don’t restore sanity in DC and get this idiocy repealed there will be no point in living as this nation is reduced to a cattle barn.

        1. Rachel,

          Sarcasm would have achieved with simultaneous ridicule of the “newspeak” usage by simply putting the word in quotes don’t you think?

          Minds are controlled by changing word meanings by expanding usage cleverly. Criminals have been continually referred to as “gentlemen” by law enforcement. Why?

  2. lets be honest that’s all they do is steal and lie.they use stolen social security cards and get away with it i once sat in court and watched a judge let this ilegal alien go when he was caught with ten stolen social security cards and gets a small fine and let him walk out of the court room if that was me i be thrown in jail.they own this country now everywhere i look three on the ground and one in the oven welfare must be great im in trouble they tell me im inelagable there here to take over and over populate us and take over the goverment and politics we are now a third world dump i guess cinco dimayo means something it’s there revolution over us this country is done

    1. Brian S.,
      You are right Brian, if it had been you or I we would have been facing a federal judge and not only charges of identity theft, but as a computer was used to steal the number, that would be wire fraud, and as the card was sent to the thief through US mail, that would be mail fraud. Just these two charges would land a legal American citizen in a federal prison for 20 years.
      Viva la bullshit.

      1. hey what’s up henry good to talk to you again im homeless at the moment and got to see ilegal aliens getting picked for beds at this homeless asylum i stayed at for two days over americans i have insurance they have nothing i get kicked out on the street due to a lottery that was by far the scariest place i have ever been every dreg of society was in there i have never done anything wrong but cant find work and shelter after staying in that hell hole iv’e decided to take my chances in the street everyone in there was a felon drug addict alcoholic mental defectives gangbangers you name it iv’e never been in jail and they treated me like piece of crap in there sorry went off the subject and the title stressed out beyond belief iv’e gone from being a man and taking care of myself to a pile of shit now im walking the streets worried abought being arressted for being homeless great country we live in welcome to the third world

        1. Yes Brian S, we have definitely returned to the Grapes of Wrath and too many of our fellow Americans are turning a blind eye to our plight as they fear punishment if they speak out about injustice. What they do not realize is that they are next and that it is better to fight when you have resources than to wait for desperation.
          The good news is the great awakening has intensified. I live in a small place populated by some of the most backward rednecks who ever plagued this country, and they are, to a man and a woman, absolutely aware of what is going on. And no matter how hard the propagandists work against him, Ron Paul’s name is on every lip.
          Hang in there brother, I tell you if we get Ron Paul in and reinstitute the Constitution, the elite are finished as they will fall under their own weight. I have never been homeless, thank God, though I have had to live with relatives twice over the last 30 years during the orchestrated recessions. All I can say is that when I find myself in dire straits I start thinking about the edict of force majeure and that is, I have the right to live and no law can bind me from that pursuit. It is a fact that if you are in a survival situation where your life depends on it, you cannot be held accountable for anything you do in preserving your life, except for taking another’s life except in self defense. Do what you have to do to survive. This cannot go on much longer without a response from the people.
          May God bless and watch over you.

          1. thanks henry it’s good to know that there is still human beings out there you know what the worst thing was is sitting on the street corner waiting for a ride back to my town with my bags there were volunteers bringing in food for the homeless staring at me with pitty i wanted to lash out but kept my composure i haven’t eatin in three days this has brought me down to the point of no return when i looked at the faces in that place there is no hope in there eyes and the best thing abought the called it haven for hope all i saw was despair crack house on both corners and theres no way im making any of this up maybe you can start an article on this im sure there are millions of us going through this thanks henry

  3. Great job here Rachel, you are absolutely on point with this entire article! Illegal is a crime and not a race, and I cannot stand when these illegals make their feeble racist arguments to try and make a case for themselves. These calculated, dangerous and destructive illegals are in active felony status just by being over here!!!!!! Why do people struggle so much with this concept!? Not to mention the myriad of other disgusting crimes they DO commit while they are here. Stealing the identities our our children!! Really??? Totally unacceptable and it makes me sick. Thanks Rachel. Here is some other good info I came across:

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