Illegal Migrants Storm US Border with Giant Venezuelan Flag, Hurl Rocks at Border Agents – Are Forced Back into Mexico

Gateway Pundit – by Jason Grossman

A group of illegal migrants, previously removed from the U.S., have built a tent city on the Mexican border.  On Monday, they stormed Border Patrol Agents on the US side of the border resulting in the agents firing non-lethal pepper balls – at the crowd.  A total of  three shots were fired.   The migrants were seen marching toward the border with a large banner reading, “We Migrants Build America.”

They were also carrying a massive flag.

The migrants, largely from Venezuela, were deported by the U.S. and have taken refuge in the tent city hoping to eventually re-enter the U.S.  Trouble erupted when a large group tried to unlawfully cross the Rio Grande River, near the border in El Paso, TX.

The New York Post reports:

US Border Patrol agents in Texas fired non-lethal projectiles at a mob of immigrants who tried to rush the border near El Paso with giant Venezuelan and Honduran flags.

Chaos broke out as a large group of immigrants who have been camped out just a few feet from the US-Mexico border tried to cross the river together, Border Patrol told The Post in a statement.

“One of the protestors assaulted an agent with a flag pole, at which time agents responded by intuiting crowd control measures.”  US Border Patrol told the New York Post.  “These measures included the use of the authorized less-lethal force pepper ball launching system.”

Border Patrol agents formed a line to deter the migrants, as reported by The El Paso Times  as the group rushed the border waving Venezuela and Honduran flags.

The footage, captured by the El Paso Times, shows agents guarding the border.

Venezuelan migrants have been gathering in Juarez, Mexico since Oct 13 when the Biden administration implemented title 42.  Those who have attempted unlawful entry into the U.S. and have been deported have been granted Visas to stay in Mexico for 180 days. Migrants from Venezuela have been pouring into the United States amid political and economic turmoil in their country.

The failed Biden administration reached an agreement with Mexico earlier this month.  The U.S. agreed to authorize 65,000 visas for Mexican, Central American, and Haitian migrants. The U.S. also agreed to process Venezuelans, who arrive via air, with provisions that include financial support in the United States.

According to Yahoo News, CPB Commissioner Chris Magnus said, “The number of Venezuelans arriving at the southern border decreased sharply nearly every day since we launched additional joint actions with Mexico to reduce irregular migration and create a more fair, orderly and safe process for people fleeing the humanitarian and economic crisis in their country.”

The Border Patrol Union responded to allegations that they were firing rubber bullets, clarifying that non-lethal pepper balls were used.  The tweet states, “Fake news: They were NOT firing “rubber bullets”. And the video clip doesn’t show what happened prior…the crowd throwing rocks at agents. Agents were using pepper ball launchers which are designed to disperse large crowds of unruly people. Facts matter, so does the whole story.”

This was a record-setting year for illegal immigration.  Border Patrol apprehensions set a record in 2022 with a record 2.38 million people stopped at the US border with Mexico.  This is the highest number in recorded history.

This past weekend, Juan Acereto, U.S. liaison for the Juárez municipal government, said the  city is working with the federal government to provide migrants with refuge and work permits “so that they can access our labor market, and integrate into our community if they so desire.”

As previously by The Gateway Pundit in August, and before the Biden Administration reenacted Title 42, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas began busing migrants to New York City, DC and other major cities.

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