Imagine the Purge

Imagine the U.S. with so much crime and so much hatred that in order to reduce the crime rate to 1%, the government allowed the people one night every year to purge their anger and frustrations by making it legal to kill, massacre and torture anyone they want and get away with it.

Imagine during that time, no emergency services such as police, medical or fire departments would be running and basically your country is in a state of total anarchy and you are on your own, in hopes that anyone you had pissed off in the past year will not come and kill you.  

Imagine psychologists and mass media on TV promoting the event and telling everyone that it is healthy for the human soul and that the body needs to release this kind of anger.

Imagine that in order to save the economy and create a new and better country, a new government was established called the “New Founding Fathers”, who thought this was the best way to save America and encouraged this to happen.

Imagine a public service announcement by the Emergency Broadcast System telling everyone that night that this is not a test and that the people have 12 hours to do all of this evil, give thanks to the New Founding Fathers and how great America is and then end the last line with, “May God Bless us all”.

Imagine the people of this dystopian (yet, probably not too far off) society actually believing that this was the greatest thing and that people who are lucky enough to secure themselves in their homes that night, would sit back and watch it all happen on TV like it was the Superbowl.

Imagine the media encouraging everyone to kill poor people that night and saying that it is a good thing because they contribute nothing to society and it will cleanse our economy. Depopulation anyone?

Imagine the rich can protect themselves with a state of the art security system and feel completely secure, only to have a group of psychos from the outside cut off their power and rip the metal windows right off the hinges with a pickup truck and some chains, then come in and try to murder you and your family for harboring someone they want to kill and claim to purge themselves on that night.

Imagine your neighbors, who have been your friends for the longest time, come in and try to kill you because you made money off of them with your state of the art security system and rubbed it in their faces and they were jealous and wanted revenge.

Imagine being a big CEO and your company is the number one security company in the area and even that can’t protect and save you during those 12 hours.

Imagine having to live that one night a year, every year for the rest of your life.

Would you want to live in that kind of world? Is that the kind of world you want your children to grow up in? Is that the kind of morals you want to teach your children? Is that the kind of history that our founding fathers would have wanted? Is that the kind of life God would have wanted?

Well, apparently the recent movie, “The Purge” thinks so and is a movie about just that. It’s a sick and twisted reality that I’m sure would have the elite jumping for joy, as it fits in with their depopulation plan and civil unrest, twists the Constitution and our Founding Fathers view of our country and turns all morals upside down to the point that they are trying to believe that God would have wanted it this way.

Now I don’t know if this is an attempt by the elite to brainwash society or if this is some horror writer’s sick social experiment, but after watching this movie, I have to wonder, are we not too far off?

I look at movies like “1984”, “Battle Royale” and “The Gamer” and those movies were considered insane at the time that they came out and people looked upon it as there is no way that it could ever happen. But alas, we see “1984” coming to life in our Orwellian world that we are living in today.

After “Battle Royale”, we see more movies like this demonstrating a “survivor island” type scenario and with other violent movies we have become adjusted to the horrors and it now seems somewhat normal and cliché.

Next we have “The Gamer” where people seem to enjoy being controlled by other people like a real life “The Sims” game or a real life “Call of Duty” game in which some people can control other people who want to be controlled after voluntarily implanting and installing a chip inside their head. In addition, the whole world is viewed as one big video game.

As we look at our society today, we are not too far off from that either as more and more people want to give up their independence and humanity, in order for someone to control every aspect of their lives, so that they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions. It’s basically playing along the lines of giving up freedom for security.

Now we have the movie, “The Purge” which takes humanity one step further by saying, “Let’s just set aside one night a year to have anyone kill anyone and get away with it because it is healthy, so saith the New Founding Fathers”. A New World Order of sorts is implied here and it would be enough to make the Founding Fathers themselves roll over in their graves right now and make even God Himself rumble from the Heavens above, if it were ever to be a reality. But from the way things are, is it really that far off.

Imagine Obama and the elite declaring an act called “The Purge” to be put into effect.

Imagine FOX News and CNN interviewing psychologists that night who were encouraging people to do this by saying, “The Purge is a good way to cleanse the body and is a healthy thing”.

Imagine the rich also being encouraged by the mainstream media to kill the poor in tent cities who don’t stand a chance in order to help boost our economy and saying that they are useless because they contribute nothing to society. Reminds me of Wall Street against the Occupy Protesters.

Imagine Obama and the elite rewriting the Constitution and proclaiming themselves the New Founding Fathers and allowing all of this to happen under the guise of freedom and security.

Imagine the brainwashed sheeple being so dumb down that they believe everything these New Founding Fathers say.

Imagine a world of total chaos and the Illuminati setting this up and encouraging this to happen as a part of one of their Satanic rituals as a way of promoting order out of chaos.

Imagine this happening once every year and quite possibly being set around the time of the Bohemian Grove rituals.

Imagine what was once horrifying and unbelievable is now considered the new norm.

Imagine committing acts of evil for one night every year and being told it’s for the greater good of society.

Imagine…..The Purge.


13 thoughts on “Imagine the Purge

  1. Imagine sitting on our hands as we watch the government do this very thing only it won’t be for one night a year,but all year! Imagine cops and military in YOUR streets like we already are seeing with shelter in place in effect for any thing they choose to implement it for.Imagine a surveillance state that tracks your every move.Imagine drones and cameras every where and roadside check points for any reason they can dream up.Imagine sexual assaults to your wife and children at the airports and anywhere else they sit up a check point.We have all been warned about what is unfolding right before our very eyes,now what we must really do is believe it and stop listening to the talking heads that only spew lies!

  2. Great article, NC, and knowing how brainwashed they presently are makes the eerie prophesies all too real. A few more movies of this nature and they’ll be ready to carry it out.

  3. Imagine people unable to remember the laws of Moses and then killing because their Christian government tells them to… Oh right, imagination is not required as religion scam has been used since the first tribe….

    Remember, those damn Nazis were praying to the same Christian god as the Americans. And here is something else, the God of creation, is everyone’s God, regardless of religion. The great architect is not secular. I know, the scam says that God is exclusive to your people only. How convenient for those wishing to take control of other peoples resources…

    1. I f memory serves me, the AshkeNAZI Zionist Bolshevik so-called ‘jews’ killed over 66 million as opposed to the FICTITIOUS 6 million (again, SO-CALLED) ‘jews’ allegedly killed by the Nazis. That was the TRUE Holocaust.

      btw, had it not been for Hitler, the communist Bolsheviks would have overrun ALL of Europe. He did the world a HUGE favor.

      And has been thoroughly slandered and demonized by the lying ‘chosen ones’ ever since.

  4. The Laws of Nature provide a good balance of life that allows for predominance and survival of the fittest over the weakest, thus strengthening all species through natural selection/elimination. Laws of Nature are perceived as evil according to the Laws of Humanity because the human’s laws do not permit unauthorized killing and allows for predominance by a caste system of privilege, based on wealth or knowledge. Laws of Humanity can provide good intention with liberal compassion which allows the weak to live at the expense of the fittest and at the same time can commit evil acts of genocide or ethnic cleansing that slaughters millions of innocent people. The Laws of Nature provide a good balance between extinction and substance for survival; the Laws of Humanity provide an artificial balance between the right to kill and the right to live.

    Imagine if we reverted back to the warrior-predator origins of early man. Perhaps this is where we naturally belong — wherein anyone except psychopaths are labeled “abnormal”, and purged from existence. Our World leaders embraced that discernment over 4-thousand years ago.

    Civilized, peaceful coexistence has never been more than an imagined utopian concept that can never be achieved within the conscience of individual free will. Even though the deeds of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ are opposites, reality and circumstance are the factors that will define what is right and wrong in the eyes of the beholder.

    Imagine that.

    1. Rockefeller used those same words, “survival of the fittest”, when in fact it was dominance by being direct beneficiary of the Pharisee money scam. A scam made possible by a lack of morals. Yes, morality is largely cultural, but it had to originate from some place. Otherwise, man would not know good from evil. Masons are taught this concept, the duality of nature. Light cannot exist without dark. But you don’t have to have a Masonic instructor to observe reality. One only need eyes to see and ears to hear. The education system of our society provides the answer when a fittest student would deduce his own.

      1. “Remember, those damn Nazis were praying to the same Christian god as the Americans. And here is something else, the God of creation, is everyone’s God, regardless of religion. The great architect is not secular. I know, the scam says that God is exclusive to your people only. How convenient for those wishing to take control of other peoples resources…”

        “…you don’t have to have a Masonic instructor to observe reality. One only need eyes to see and ears to hear.”
        You have made good points SamAdams. Religion is one of the greatest causes of the World’s problems (e.g. where people kill each other in the name of God). A common question I have heard from many good Christians: What would Jesus do? It appears that many Christians have lost the direction of Jesus’ path — but this is justified as God’s will, regardless of whether the path taken is interpreted as good or evil.

        I find it incredible that anyone would base their blind faith on a book of contradictions that was written by the hand of man and, which is continually revised by the hand of man, and then asserts this book to be the “Word of God”.

        If God wanted people to follow a written text for guidance, then God would have burned His words in the side of a mountain for people to read them. Furthermore, if God wanted blind and ignorant followers, then He would not have given people eyes and a brain that can make subjective observations to discern supportive facts, verses, falsified notions or outlandish tripe!

  5. I went to see this film and to be honest some of the parts in the film are in effect already. For instance the ability for the poor to protect themselves and not rely on government to protect them. NYC is the prime example with the heavy financial restriction on obtaining a permit to own either a handgun or long gun in you’re home. Currently it will cost you $231.50 to file an application and get fingerprinted for a rifle or shotgun permit but does not mean you will be approved. The cost for a handgun permit application is a total of $431.50 again it is an application no guarantee you will receive it. I wont even get into the annual renewal cost as they are ridiculously cost prohibitive towards the poor. The point here is what we see in the film is and has been happening for years in cities like this.

    The second issue is the fact that political officials were EXEMPT from the PURGE. Lets put it this way if there is no law for 12 hours there are no EXEMPTIONS from said purge. This is another reality based subject from the film as you can see plain as day with the current employees of the American people. They seem to be EXEMPT from everything except making money off the backs of Americans with no repercussions what so ever for any illegal actions.

  6. “Imagine the rich also being encouraged by the mainstream media to kill the poor in tent cities”

    I’ve never known a rich person (yes, I’ve known a few) who had the physical, mental, or hardware resources to “kill the poor”. They would have to hire the poor to do it for them. Say, isn’t that the way it is now?

  7. I see how this could make people be more kind to others during the year BUT “good” people would circle their wagons together and defend other “good” people. Criminals will not wait until that one day to do bad things to others. The whole saturnalia aspect, if it worked, would not have been abandoned.
    The only real solution(I see) is for the occasional bad apple whom fights for the betterment of others to be commissioned
    to take out the shitbags.
    I would like to die and ascend but I dont think that is going to happen so… I would find myself (in this case) providing services for the greatest good. I am but a sincere request away as it is.

  8. You can’t beat Hollywood for portraying the NWO’s agenda in the movies.

    Presented as being strictly of a fictional nature, naturally.

  9. If I had a dollar for every predictive programming movie Hollywood etc. has made in only the past 20 years, I’d be rich…

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