Immigration Problem Solved

Got this via an email this morning.

Here is the solution to all of the illegal immigrants coming across our borders.

First we should use all means necessary to apprehend each and every immigrant residing in our nation illegally.

Upon apprehension, they should be detained, processed, housed, clothed, fed, and given basic healthcare, if needed. They should at all times be treated with compassion, dignity and respect, as long as they do not present any danger to their caregivers.  

Once all of the pertinent paperwork and documentation has been completed, and assuming they are healthy enough, they should be prepared for deportation. Then, depending upon their country of origin, they shall be deported via plane, ship or if appropriate, bus, to their country of origin.

All financial accounting for the above apprehension, treatment, housing, airfare, travel, food and care, of these individuals coming to the United States illegally, will be tabulated in detail. These amounts will then be deducted from the international financial aid that their country of origin receives from the United States.

In addition, the cost to man, monitor, and protect our borders by paid US Military will be allocated to the offending nations in proportion to the number of deportees their respective countries have in our country during any calendar year. And in case you were wondering…………..

Approximate Annual US Aid by Country:

Mexico: $1.0 Billion

Guatemala: $400 Million

El Salvador: $300 Million

Honduras: $650 Million

Nicaragua: $700 Million

Trust me. It won’t take long before all of this stops.

14 thoughts on “Immigration Problem Solved

  1. Or we could just stop all funding to ALL countries and shoot every one of the illegals on tv. The sheeple would love that.

  2. yeah, you might be right, Bulldog. That just might stop ’em, but what’s more likely to happen is that we’ll increase their aid package so they’ll have enough money to ship more of them through Mexico.

    The real problem is that no one wants the invasion stopped except We the People, so guess who’s going to have to stop ’em?

  3. yep, its perfect..and it would work

    and thats why the government isnt doing this

    because it would F up their plan.. the plan to get as many of them here to crash this economy and county further

  4. Good plan. Unfortunately, the treasonous bastards in our government won’t go for it. If we had a REAL government for and by the people, it would be a piece of cake.

  5. All the ranchers around here use “hot” wires to keep their horses and cattle off their fences. It works very well. 😉
    . . .

          1. Hmmm, I don’t know Paul. I suppose visually it would look much like a lit Christmas tree with decorations?
            . . .

  6. The prisons in this country are all privately owned and run now. They are highly profitable. Release all those that are incarcerated for mostly minor b.s. (pot charges, which is a fairly high percentage of them), and refill them with the illegals. They will then have steady & meaningful work, AND a place to live, RENT FREE.

    When the people in the countries they came here illegally from hear about their fate…


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