In Six Months, Microsoft Will Pull The Plug On Windows 7 Support

Business Insider – by Julie Bort

Microsoft is warning customers that the end is soon coming for Windows 7 in much the same way it came for Windows XP earlier this year. Microsoft will end free mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015.

That means no more security patches if hackers find holes, no more updated features or performance improvements.

This covers all versions of Windows 7, Mary Jo Foley points out.   

This move will mostly affect consumers.Businesses that pay for extended Windows 7 support, as most of them do, will be supported for another five years, until January 14, 2020.

That’s important, because many businesses are right now are in the process of upgrading their old Windows XP PCs, but they’re moving to Windows 7, not Windows 8.

There’s some speculation that, given the popularity of Windows 7, Microsoft might change its mind as the date nears and continue to support it a bit longer, like it did for Windows XP. All told, Microsoft supported XP for about 13 years.

That kind of extension doesn’t seem likely at this point. Remember, Windows 8 basically includes a full version of Windows 7, called Desktop mode. With Windows 8.1, it’s possible to run a Windows 8 machine in Desktop mode and almost avoid the new-and-confusing Windows 8 part of the OS.

And Microsoft really needs to nudge consumers into buying Windows 8 machines. More Windows 8 machines means more developers will want to write software for Windows 8, which will make more people want to buy it.

By the way, Microsoft also set an end-of-life of mainstream support for Windows 8 (including the latest version, Windows 8.1), for January 9, 2018.

This is another hint that Microsoft should have its next version of Windows ready in 2015, code-named “Threshold” (sometimes referred to as Windows 9).

If Microsoft plays its cards right, Windows 9 will be to the unloved Windows 8 what Windows 7 was to Vista, which InfoWorld ranked No. 2 on its list of the 25 biggest tech flops (also PCWorld’s “Biggest Tech Disappointment” of 2007.)

Here’s the chart from Microsoft’s Lifecycle Support page.

9 thoughts on “In Six Months, Microsoft Will Pull The Plug On Windows 7 Support

  1. In six months, I’ll have a new computer built, and it will be operated by a Linux system. I’ll be real happy to get this stinking Kike and his spying operating system out of my life for good. I was forced to buy a new Windows7 computer, or I’d have a Linux system now.

  2. These bastards won’t stop until everyone has a Windows 8 operating system so Microsoft and the elite and can officially control and track all your computer movements. Just like the government in our country and around the world, the corporations are also at war with the people.

  3. you know guys. I hear about Linux from time to time. I’m computer illiterate when it comes to this. Can someone explain in old man terms?

  4. “In Six Months, Microsoft Will Pull The Plug On Windows 7 Support”

    That’s ‘operating’ (yes) under the assumption that the global ‘plug’ hasn’t already been ‘pulled’ before then.

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