Inmate claims excessive force, jail supervisor resigns

Fox 5 News

 – An attorney for a jail inmate said surveillance video supports his legal claim of unnecessary force deployed by a Polk County Sheriff’s supervisor.

The prisoner is Brandon Coffman. He is shown in the video seated alongside a second inmate. Both are in restraint chairs.  

The deputy, Harry Dallas Battle, approaches Coffman in the video and repeatedly applies the Taser directly to the inmate’s midsection. Photos show Coffman was left with scars — burns — from the Taser.

Attorney Harry Daniels said there is no rationale for the use of force. The state examined the incident and, in a rare move, filed criminal charges against Battle.

Included in the GBI action — making false statements, oath of office and battery. But when the Polk County Grand jury heard the matter, it did not return an indictment.

The supervisor resigned from the sheriff’s office.

One thought on “Inmate claims excessive force, jail supervisor resigns

  1. It looks like everyone in “law enforcement” and “corrections” is discovering that these “non-lethal weapons” make great torture devices, and we see just how psychotic these sick bastards are every week when someone gets tazed to death, or tazed while in restraints.

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