4 thoughts on “Intense Gunfight Between Shotgun Armed Suspect & Houston Police Armed With AR-15s

  1. Staged or not, it is a fact that they have to come with 20 or 30 guys after one dude.
    How would it be if each cop had to go after a thousand guys. When it gets to that point, I think things are going to be a little different. And a shotgun, even with buckshot, unless you have slugs and a scope and a higher capacity than five rounds, is far from the best choice for anything that is not right up close.
    We are starting to see more of these videos as the new stazi forms across the nation.
    Look at the mercenary giving the presentation. Note the military insignia on his black clothes. These are straight up enemy combatants operating as private mercenaries and in absolute violation of our people’s law.
    They are working hard to make them look tough and with thirty AR15s against one shotgun, well I guess they may seem a little tough.
    This is why they want to have the only real firepower in the hands of the mercenaries. That is why they will cherry pick incidents like this and the skinny guy getting beat up by the Todd to try to project a strength that they simply do not have.
    They are desperate and anyone who lets this propaganda dissuade them to the smallest extent, well you were never going to fight anyway, we’re you?

  2. Have to comment. First off, why is there an Asst. Police chief who does not have a full command of the English language without his accent?

    Unreal, these fkrs barely off the boat somehow are positioned above we the people with a false authority to engage us.

    Now I bet his “crime” was probably not a crime if the bill of rights is/was applied. And as stated above, I assume he only had access to a shotgun, that said, no matter the crime, he had the balls to go toe to toe, knowing he’d probably go down…

    As Henry stated too, wait till the people on the other end are well trained and do not fire randomly and will hit their targets…….these gangs calling themselves police really need to check themselves and come to realize that the old ways are done! This illegitimate corporation they work for is/will put them all at risk as they attempt to enforce their NWO Vaxx Mandate agendas…….

    and so many of we the people have made it quite clear that when you even barely try to do any such thing in our communities, it will be you retreating, crying in pain and realizing it is “equal opportunity dying time” (Mark Keornke quote) though we won’t see ole MK engaging the enemies, he’s too important….

    We the people will rise soon….. if its 3, 5, 10 or more…….it will help……but again, yes, there are NO Balls coming to save us….it is We…….

  3. Did I hear that pig say he was going to blow him. Trannys are really flooding the ranks of of the most cowardly gang on the planet. Americas blackwater corporate enforcers.

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