Israel – In Defiance of Peace

King Benjamin Netanyahu has stepped up front and center in the Zion controlled US media to attack the US-Iranian peace process, declaring that any future not involving the conquest of the entire Middle East for Zion to be unacceptable.  Israel is a nuclear state who established its foothold in the Middle East through open invasion and military conquest.  They have committed genocide upon the Palestinians and left those once prosperous people to suffer slow deaths in what is the largest concentration camp to ever exist on this planet.

The Zionist Israelis do not wish to coexist, but rather to reign over not only their neighbors in the Middle East, but indeed all the other peoples of the world, whom they identify as goyim (soulless animals).  The Israelis blatantly put forth lie after lie in their never ending quest to manipulate the goyim into killing one another.  As they capture the wealth, the Israelis continue to portray themselves as victims as they murder, rape, and steal through their proxies around the world.  

Netanyahu is now trying to dictate to the American people that the Iranians must destroy all nuclear capability, although the Iranians have an absolute right to peacefully develop the technology for their nation’s prosperity and their people’s reward.

Netanyahu has proclaimed that we subservient Americans must increase sanctions on Iran as the nuclear technology and the wealth it represents in areas like medicine will create a competition with the elite status of Israel in the Middle East.

Of course we will see those posing as our representatives in our Congress and Senate step up to enact the dictates of Israel and once again demonstrate the undeniable fact that the international soviet socialist insurgency, occupying the US’s highest seats of power, are being controlled absolute via the infiltration of unregistered Israeli agents, who control and manipulate through bribery, extortion, and murder.  And of course, while we are being betrayed by these 5th columnists, it will be declared that the betrayal is in our interest.

How is it in the interest of the American people to pay more and more for fuel on the international market as a result of the Zionist dictated sanctions?  How is any conflict in the Middle East that drains us of our resources in our interest?  How is making enemies out of everyone who is not Israel in our interest?

Don’t forget, when our fuel prices rise because of these sanctions, Israel prospers as they make more selling us the petroleum products derived from the oil coming from the pipeline from Iraq to Israel that was accomplished through the US invasion of Iraq, which was and is on its face an international crime, complete with genocide.

The Zionists are bound for hell and they are trying to gain as much company to join them in the fiery pits as their duplicity will accommodate.

In the last few years we have finally seen opposition to international Zionism exploding from the grass roots around the world.  The Zionist schedule has been pushed back time and again as their lies and contradictions are revealed via the alternative media.

Remember, according to Netanyahu, the Iranians already had the bomb a year ago in December, and then they didn’t, and then they did again in the Spring, and then they didn’t, and then they would have it by the end of summer and the Israelis would have already attacked, and then they didn’t, and now they have the capability to build a bomb, said capability which naturally comes with peaceful development of nuclear technology, and “Oy! Oh my God! This must be stopped!”

The fact is the majority of decent people now see Zion for exactly what it is and we see Netanyahu for exactly what he is, right down to the herpes on his lying lips.

God help the people of this world to find a way to destroy once and for all the misery makers of Zion.

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