“It’s Lies Built on Top of Lies… All of These Tyrannical Measures are Nonsensical… We’re Not in a Pandemic Emergency Anymore” – Dr. Naomi Wolf

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

The below video was pointed out by Citizen Free Press which recommends focussing on the last 3 minutes.

Dr. Naomi Wolf, a Rhodes Scholar and former Clinton Administration advisor, went off on the medical elites on Steve Bannon’s War Room:

We’re seeing this state by state.  There’s some kind of contract where governors have to deliver a certain percent of vaccinated in order to get something from pharma or in order to fullfill their contract.  So you can see this structure over and over of, well we have to reach 70% of 80% of vaccinated or you don’t get your rights back.  And, this is not how America works.  I have my rights.  She (New York Governor Hochul) can’t make me…

They’re trying to drag us onto their field of rhetoric, and it is a field of rhetoric of lies and it’s built on lies.  And I always think of Goebbels saying if you just tell a big enough lie over and over again people will believe you.  So number one, as I say all the time, everybody agrees, all the data show vaccinated, unvaccinated, that it does not affect transmission.  So all of these tyranical measures are nonsensical because they’re predicated on transmission.

The other thing I want to say is “We’re not in a pandemic emergency anymore.  It’s not a pandemic.”

Gateway Pundit

4 thoughts on ““It’s Lies Built on Top of Lies… All of These Tyrannical Measures are Nonsensical… We’re Not in a Pandemic Emergency Anymore” – Dr. Naomi Wolf

  1. She says, “We’re not in a pandemic anymore.” Well, were we ever? She cites the “low percentage” of those who died from “Covid,” a virus that doesn’t exist. Speaks of “democracy” and “The Constitution.” Two words that attempt to trample our Bill of Rights.

    Will Steve or Naomi tell us who exactly runs the world and also tells governors what to do? They feign whistle-blowing while fully holding up the system. Naomi wants “Good judges to rule against” the governor.

    Naomi, read The Protocols. Then take a field-trip to The Georgia Guidestones. On your way back take a short detour to Lexington/Concord. Lay there on the grass. What secrets might it tell you?


    1. Her bio sums it all up. A generational chosenite kike femi-ashke-nazi embedded in the fabric of zog as controlled opposition. Its mother is, too. You’re 100% spot on.

      1. Every day, we’re filtering it down to who’s tellin’ it and who’s not.

        And don’t forget to write your representatives. They are so very interested in what you have to say and will immediately act on your suggestions of how to end tyranny. Right after they cash their hefty paychecks that is, the same paychecks that come from those who dish the tyranny. Keep the show goin’ and get paid while doing so.


  2. Yes Tyranny abounds .. talked to an old friend today at the local laundry mat for about 1 Min 45 secs. Him and his wife refused to get vaxxed they QUIT!! THEY SHOULD BE VERY PROUD!! Shook his hand I love it when I see Rebellion!!! I believe a 120,000,000+++ Strong!!! AND GROWING!!!! Common Law Courts by We the People are true Law!!! We have our Bill Of Rights!!!! Let The Cleansing begin.. Sweet dreams

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