8 thoughts on “Joe Biden suggests he wants to ban “high caliber” 9mm handguns.

  1. Self-protection, my butt. Keep insulting our intelligence, Joe. It only emboldens us. Thanks for the motivation.


  2. A 22 Caliber will fragment all thru your body and ricochet, leaving it impossible to get the bullet fragments out . This is why FJB , more people die of 22 Caliber gunshots than any other caliber.

    1. Yeah, a .22 caliber will kill, just like any other caliber.
      But Joe Biden, nor any other communist or fascist, is going to take anything but the f-king bullet of any gun.
      Quit looking for tooth picks to fall back on and shove a fence post down their f-king throats.
      Quit lending credence to the 1001 what they are going to do to us. They aren’t going to do shit because we are the largest army on this planet and we will stomp their guts out and they know it.

  3. He says there’s no basis for a 9mm weapon.

    Well, then Joey, if 9mm weapons are so bad, then are you going to have your bodyguards disarm and get rid of them, too?

    No? Didn’t think so.

    You first, Joey! Practice what you preach. Otherwise, as long as there are Commie pigs like you in the world, we’ll always keep ours, thank you very much.

  4. Someone needs to take this guy to the range. I didn’t specify for what, but I don’t consider 9mm high powered.

  5. Every time this fool opens his mouth he proves he is, and always has been, a pure idiot. None of the propagandists call him out on his lies either. What a free press we have!

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