North American Union will Attempt to Disarm the People of the United States

The international insurgent President Barack Obama hosted Mexican President Felipe Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper for talks on transnational trade and security Monday.  This is a blatant display of an international socialist cabal, intent on further destroying the sovereignty of our republic and our individual states.

Mexican President Calderon proudly stated that his socialist government had confiscated 140,000 firearms in Mexico and then tried to imply that every one of them was bought in a gun store in the United States.  He blamed the rash of violence in Mexico on the sunsetting of our unconstitutional assault weapons ban, suggesting new gun restrictions and confiscations in the United States as a necessity for Mexico’s security.

There was of course no mention of the fact that our southern border is being deliberately left wide open.  And of course no mention of the fact that US Attorney General Eric Holder, acting as representative for the insurgent Obama and in correlation with the Mexican government, has been running guns to Mexico and drugs back into the United States for years now.

This communist parley was immediately followed by the announcement that the FBI had arrived in Florida to begin investigating the death of Trayvon Martin.  It looks like what this whole thing is building into is an attempt at gun confiscation in the United States.

The US government has begun buying up millions of rounds of ammunition, in fact to the point that it has driven up prices and availability for we the people here at home.  What we are about to see is a coordinated attack on US nationality and our sovereignty.

Considering the duplicit acts the US government has been caught in in the past three years, using our own military to disarm us is not feasible.  In fact what is left of our military in this country is now being considered the enemy as our troops are themselves preparing to stop the socialist insurgency in the United States.

This transnational cabal that has been formed is in preparation for Mexican and Canadian troops to be brought into the United States to disarm the American people in the name of safety and, as psychotic as it sounds, justice for Trayvon Martin.

The Martin case has been latched onto by the socialists in an attempt to put forth the illusion of racial disunity to the extent that the federal government has now had to step in.  We must realize that 90% of the killings in the United States are blacks killing blacks and this is a direct result of inner city poverty and the $40 billion per year drug war, which cannot be won because the insurgents in our government are the cartel making billions from the prohibitions to our freedom to smoke or ingest whatever we please.

There are no words to describe the extent of the duplicity and treason we are seeing occur right before our eyes.  We must wrap our arms around our 2nd Amendment and prepare to drive the invaders from our borders.  We cannot tolerate even the smallest further infringement upon our 2nd Amendment, having the realization that in the end game, these international soviets intend to exterminate us after we are disarmed.

69 thoughts on “North American Union will Attempt to Disarm the People of the United States

  1. Exactly…….key word being………ATTEMPT………..Another shot will be heard round the world…….

  2. I don’t Believe PM Stephen Harper will go for sending in the Canadian Military to disarm American citizens and their Sovereignty rights, unless he desires the boot from Canadian citizens’ come election time!

    1. We do not look at the Canadian people as our enemies. When push comes to shove, PM Harper will do as the Queen as England orders. I think it is safe to say that if the Canadian people decide they have had enough of being the property of that wretched old crone, we would support their right to cast off the Queen and emancipate themselves.

          1. Well as a Canadian all my life of 50 years, I can say you are VERY misinformed regarding us being controlled by the Queen. If anything we are controlled by the U.S. and the North American Union has nothing to do with confiscating your guns. IF they are confiscated, it would be a UN sponsored group made up of American, British, Chinese and Mexican troops–ALL of whom have signed allegiance to the UN! Next time you speak of Canada, do it with facts PLEASE

          2. Tell it . . like it is. I don’t see the Chinese getting involved or the Brits. The UN will surely fall if they put out an order like that. Mexicans not a chance. DHS is the threat we have to look out for.

          3. Gracecom,
            I stand corrected and all apologies to yourself and Canada. You are absolutely right. The United States does control you….for the Queen.

          1. Put this straight, Edward. Canada is a British province. They can talk as bold as they want but if the Queen decrees that her conscripts in Canada will participate in gun confiscation in the United States, they will do as they are told or she will have them put up against the f#%king wall and shot.
            I don’t want to hear about what the Canadians will or will not do, they have already acquiesced to draconian gun control What the hell are they going to fight with when their weapons are locked up at the local constable’s office?
            I have nothing against the Canadian people except their Queen.
            As for Timmeehh, I’m sure the Queen does not control Canada at all, she just shows up every couple of years to dissolve your Parliament to keep up appearances. By the way, how much tribute did you pay to your monarch last year?

          2. Thanks for the heads up. It is good to hear both sides of an article, but if the Canadians want to fight I don’t think the constables office is going to stop them. As for the Queen, the whole damn monarchy is screwing all the people of the British empire. What a sham. She who has the gold will make the rules. I think this is all going to come to an end. This Royality thing and treating those in power as royality. Those who govern are in for a awakening. They will either destroy the planet and destroy us all while they hide in their bunkers or we will win in the end.

          3. Edward,
            I meant in no way to imply the Canadians are cowards. But the fact is they, like the Australians, should not have accepted gun control and left the fighting to us.
            When the time comes I don’t know if they will be able to get their guns back from the constables as their weaponry will probably be destroyed in advance of any conflict. I guess it is a good thing that we in the United States have done without to buy enough guns to arm every able bodied man in North America.

          4. I don’t think canadians are cowards by what you stated. Just the opposite I know those in the canadian military and they won’t back any such order. The constable won’t stop canadians either. Nothing will stop an idea which time has come. They will find a way to get armed and I believe in right is might and I belive in free thinking individuals. Freedom and Liberty the will of the many will surpass the few.

      1. thats the point, they have become our enemies due to there liberally minded laws and perverted ways.

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  4. Will this take place after Obama gets re elected? When it happens most of the zombies will turn in their guns; the rest will fight. Does anyone have a timeline as to when this will happen?

  5. Slaves can not own Guns!

    Only outlaws (those that are free) will have guns. I guess I will now choose to be an Outlaw, hopefully my family will follow.

    From my cold dead hands!

  6. While I have been speaking and writing about the NAU for many years, it seems that all that ‘conspiracy theory’ is turning into conspiracy facts. Americans want their sovereignty as much as Canadians, and I trust that we will defend our respective rights unilaterally and in unity.

    1. you are aware we will have fight 20% of our military who swore an oath to the liar in chief and the general in charge of North com. these personal when giving the orders to murder American citizens they will shoot to kill, and these personal don’t care about your constitutional rights or any other rights, so in other words these are the subversives that were brought into the military for this purpose alone. when it begins I will kill as many as I can get my hands on, they will all die a terrible death at our hands. Many of these military people are not even citizens, they hired as mercenaries. Understand what is going on here, hired from without while they don an American uniform. the general in charge will have to be tried for treason and then sentenced.

  7. Mexican troops? Against 10 million plus ex-vets, not to mention regulars. Yea sure. Canada stay home and sit this one out.

    1. Sir,

      You live in a dream world, of bring it on! You seem to have no clue as to what you are actually saying. Be realistic in your comments on war. War has been the bain of this world and even according to the Bible we would destroy ourselves if not for the return of Jesus, at the end. Things may be happening, but to want conflict is not the answer, it should be the final result. There is just too much for me to say for me to continue as I will not change your mind anyway. There are times to fight, but pick your battles. Remember that we had a Civil War and 600,000 Americans died killing each other. So we will not all be united in whatever happens.


      1. JR,
        I love you green weenies with your “resistance is futile” dogma. You say that it will come to violence in the end. Well my friend, the end is so close you can reach out and touch it. The Bolsheviks occupy our White House and have even bought the ammunition that they think they are going to shoot us with.
        Are you being paid to come on these sites in an attempt to soften what will be our reaction when these commies try taking the first gun? Well it is not going to work.
        After the first attempt at confiscation everything is going to change as we the people are going to be forced to defend through offense. And no, I don’t think you are going to change anybody’s mind on this site as we have faced the reality of our situation.
        Yes, many are going to die if we are forced into a shooting war but many more will to die if we just stand idly by and allow these soviet socialists to slaughter us like they did the people in Russia in 1917. I’m here to tell you it is not going to happen because we are not going to let it happen.

      2. About every 200 yrs. you have to clean out the rats. There will be no cheek turning and what will be, will be. I’m not new to war or battle and could not think of a better reason to fight than for my own freedom rather than for the personal gain of the elite. I am not a sheep to be prodded by my shepard.

      3. Very few welcome conflict. But, the aware observer knows that the preservation of liberty inevitably will lead to conflict. Denying this reality will not prevent it from happening.

      4. JR,
        You would have been saying the same thing in 1775. “Don’t defend freedom!”, “Don’t defend yourself from tyranny!”, all because it is pointless. There are just wars, and armed conflict with oppression, tyranny, and evil is just! My christian brothers and sisters out there that believe that defending liberty is somehow “un-Christlike” are a big part of the problem. When good men fail to stand, evil will prevail.

  8. Alex Jones calls Canada a “velvet fisted tyranny” and he’s right. There is a steel hand underneath the glove and so long as we don’t refuse vaccines too often and don’t make too big of a stink about Bilderberg meetings in our country we’ll be treated ok. What the elites don’t realize is that Canadians will burn down the parliament buildings before we agree to merge with any other country. By and large Canadians would love for every other country to enjoy the same quality of life that we do but we don’t harbor any notion of becoming one giant nation with anyone. In the end my opinion is that the QoE and her disgusting Nazi progeny will have to level the place before we submit. The problem is, that action might have to get underway just to wake up enough good men & women to act.

    1. Know that our government has been hijacked and doesen’t represent even one Canadian person. US Patriots, you know we got your back. If any of our army members follows these orders, please feel free to blast them. Or else we will…

      1. “Blast em”? With what? You and your countryman already laid down for disarmament. What are you going to do? Be like the other “revolutionaries” we see in the news clips (those of you that even watch TV) of and throw bottles and stones?
        You better leave the “blasting” to a people that are still capable.

    2. That’s the way us patriots feel here in America. We have your back so we can agree on one thing for sure. We need to clean the rats out to get back to times of peace and properity. You have yours and we have ours and together we can keep it that way.

  9. And so, we just wait … but all the while remembering
    this : “The Guy, that shoots first — gets to LIVE !!!”

    Guns = Truth; spoken : eloquence to blithering power !!!

  10. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but the only thing I’m gonna hand over is a lead parting gift. Thanks for playing, NEXT!!

  11. Anyone who thinks that Canadian troops are coming to take their guns away is just plain looney! I am ex-military and Canadian and I can tell you that our troops would never obey such an order. Furthermore, Harper is anti gun-control and probably doesn’t like Obama, but he has to get along with him, at least until January. (hopefully)

  12. All I know to be true is that I am a Canadian who adores the US Constitution and will die protecting it. Our Canadian Charter of Rights is also under the same attack and I will die to protect it, too. Burn in hell you satanic bastards who think you will rule us all! And you will…

    1. That’s telling it like it is. A army likes ours can never be overtaken by a bunch of satanic worshipping bastard. I’m protecting your flank, or I’ll take point for you anytime.

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  14. Yeah right. They’re coming for our guns.

    All 270,000,000 of them. And 5,000,000 more every month.

    Just stock up on ammo…

  15. I don’t know of anyone that will give up their guns, we would all rather die than become slaves.

  16. As often as the Queen appears on Canadian money one is left with the impression that she wields significant influence over Canadian policy.

    1. The royal family has a lot of influence with all that is going on. They are the eugenics arm of the NWO. They also control a large part of resources in the world. Influence, power and gold begets power. We are merely subjects. That means subjected to anything they place upon us. They are evil, sataness. They are of the Royal Blood Line, they have no souls.

  17. Yeah they can try because many of us will not give in easily. It is the duty of any true American to uphold the constitution.

  18. You can not have my guns. I will be glad to give you my ammo,……… well placed round at a time!

  19. Please be aware that ALL “gun-control” laws, rules, and regulations, are totally un-constitutional. In point-of-fact, MOST of the millions of laws, rules, and regulations that “they” use to control and intimidate us, are un-constitutional as well. Jesus told his followers “If you don’t have a sword,
    sell your cloak, and go buy one!”

  20. it is truly a harrowing time, and we might have to give our life in defense of our nations heritage. the entire government has been overtaken by these communists within the last 80 years , but now it has come to a full blown takeover within the last three. all treasonous leaders including the military hierarchy must be brought to justice an hung according to our laws. they have all committed sedition and treason and that is a hanging offense.
    the patriots will rout the entire rats nest out using single and small combat units which will never be found.
    My advice to all military personal, is to stand down and go over to the other side when it begins, if not, you will also be charged with sedition and treason and then hung.

  21. I agree with i think just about everyone on here, I am a gun toting woman with cc card, plus military of which I take my oath seriously. I will not turn on my countrymen and will stand and fight along side of any of them (American or Canadian) against those who try to take her over, the russians, chinese, mexicans, whatever the threat!! God is with His children, press into Him for His protection, food, safety and directions!

  22. all I can say to them if they want to try

    or if anyone else wants to try

    come git some

    as the spartans told the horde of Xerxes at thermopylae

    molon lave

  23. i really cant see the government trying to go around takeing away all of our guns but what i do see them doing is makeing it really expencive to get the ammo we need to shoot the guns we have just think about it homeland security ordered 450 million rounds of 40 cal that drove up the prices on that stuff and is makeing it harder to find they have put up cameras on most every stop light around so that they can keep track of what we do its just a matter of time till they push the people over the edge and when the time comes to fight the government the people will win because we will have nothing left to lose because they have taken most everything away from us

  24. I love you Canadians. I will fight for you and feed you. You fought tyranny with us during both world wars and gave us food and quarter during 9-1-1. I will never forget your generosity.
    Your brother in Christ and freedom.
    Sean Taeschner
    Seattle, WA USA

  25. if you go back and look at history you will find that the entire united states military (with allies) couldnt pacify a country the size of california…. they call it viet nam….. the logistics of attempting to confiscate anything is unmanageable…. really….. all it takes is a hand full of sand placed in some inauspicious place that causes the wheels to grind to a halt…. dont succumb to fear….

    1. Ok I cannot let this one by w/o commenting. I am former MIC in Aerospace Engineering for 15 years and I can tell you something you are most likely unaware of. Take a good look at civilian airports–almost all of them that are of size for heavies have Airforce bases on them. I am Canadian but have worked on classified projects for USAF and can tell you that all it takes is to load the many Hercules, C17’s and Galaxies with troops and equipment; orbit the city and drop their payloads and troops. If all major cities did this–I GUARANTEE you that the US would be sealed up within 48-72 hours..period. Then its just a case of going house to house..will it be bloody..absolutely..will it be effective…yes..this is the operation that has been going on in training now in Canada and in over 40 states in past 10 years..not including the same thing going on in Afghanistan and Iraq….Make no mistake about it they are preparing..and we will fight..all patriots US & Canadian…watch Jericho or the remake of Red Dawn coming out in July.

      1. Be prepared to get an ass woopin. America has the biggest civillian army in the world. Your out-gunned and out-manned. I pity any forces that try it. They will be impaled from Los Angeles to New York City.

      2. You have been watching to many movies. We are aware, awake, and awaiting anything. Bring it, I’m tired of all this BS from government and I have drawn my line in the sand just like the rest of America.

      3. they wont be able to complete there mission because the American patriots will form into single units and fast rapid combat small units and they will strike when you least expect it with heavy arms, they will burn them alive in there convoys, they wont stand a chance. and they can take our back roads and even major roads and surround them and kill them. my advice to the Canadian military, stay in Canad, because you wont be going home period or any nation that sends mercenaries to destroy us.

  26. 80+ million gun owners and at least 50% of “active”military will side with the civilians. Good luck with that.

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