2 thoughts on “JUST IN: Enhanced video reveals strange lights over Maui during catastrophic Fires..

  1. Most people have absolutely no idea about all the high tech weapons that actually exist. The masses are kept completely ignorant about such things because they’re kept trapped in a moving time bubble that is SO far behind where things are actually are technologically. I mean, the latest iPhone is so advanced dog, you know what I mean? NOT! It’s already decades old tech, probably more, compared to what your self-appointed rulers have at their disposal lol! Just look at what Tesla was working on for just one example of what the public “was allowed” to see. Even just going over his work makes you realize what the tip of the iceberg might look like. Decades ago I used to add “WAKE UP!” at the end of statements like these but what’s the point? You either are or you’re not pretty much.

    1. Forgot to add about the “iPhone” – except for the slave-monitoring tech in them that you don’t get to play with 😉

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